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Final League Fixtures – Season 2020 Star Section

Week 1 Sunday 19/07/2020
Punjab v Friends
MyLahore Tabs A v Heaton Park
Subhan v Mylahore Seniors
Week 2 Sunday 26/07/2020
Heaton Park v Punjab
Friends v MyLahore Tabs A
Mylahore Seniors v Subhan
Week 3 Sunday 02/08/2020
MyLahore Tabs A v Punjab
Subhan v Mylahore Seniors
Heaton Park v Friends
Week 4 Sunday 09/08/2020
Mylahore Seniors v Punjab
Subhan v Heaton Park
Friends v MyLahore Tabs A
Week 5 Sunday 16/08/2020
Mylahore Seniors v Friends
Heaton Park  v Punjab 
MyLahore Tabs A v Subhan
Week 6 Sunday 23/08/2020
Heaton Park v Mylahore Seniors
Subhan v Punjab
 MyLahore Tabs A v Friends
Week 7 Sunday 30/08/2020
Heaton Park v Punjab
Mylahore Seniors v MyLahore Tabs A
Friends v Subhan
Week 8 Sunday 06/09/2020
Khan v Heaton Park
Subhan v Kings XI Lahore
Week 9 Sunday 13/09/2020
Khan v Subhan
Heaton Park v Kings XI Lahore

Final to be played on the 20th September at Jinnah Arena