Update – League Fixture 28th April 2024

Following on from last week preseason meeting where we agreed to discuss the matter relating to this coming Sunday fixtures and put forward to the club to make the final majority decision.

The fact most leagues in West Yorkshire has indicated that ground preparation has been challenging and fixtures not likely on Saturday and with the forecast for rain on Sunday the committee was in agreement to put forward a proposal to cancel the fixture for the 28th April 2024 to its member clubs.

The vast majority of the home clubs were in agreement with the committee’s proposal to cancel the fixtures. There will be NO fixtures on the 28th April 2024 and all clubs will be awarded 6 points.

Lets hope we continue with more dry weather and hope we can get the season on particularly as we have both the league fixtures and preliminary round of the Shield Competition the week after.

Shield Preliminary Round – 6th May 2024
ABradford UnitedvNorthcliffe CC
BUnited FriendsvTABS CC
CCAX’s XIvLeeds Stars
DYorkshire LionsvAQ Khan
EWakefield StarsvKhan CC
FNathia United BvBrighouse Qaladers

Umpire Meeting – 22nd April 2024

A well attended meeting of our official took place on Monday, 22nd April 2024 and the feedback from the members highlighted the following :

  • All matches (league, Cup, T100, and Shied) to be played with the 30 yards circle. There are no exceptions. Home clubs must ensure the 30 yard circle is in place before the start of the game
  • More efforts must be made to re-mark the popping crease during the break, a small tub of white emulsion paint will last a whole season
  • All clubs who play amateur overseas players must indicate on the team sheet by writing ‘O’ for overseas next to the player name.
  • The tea break must not last more than 20 minutes. The field side and opening batters must take to the field once the match official are ready to start the game.
  • Player discipline over the past few years has improved and we encourage members and captains to continue to promote positive behaviour at all times on and off the pitch.
  • We wish to remind clubs that at least 7 players must be present at the ground (not car park or in cars) to have the option of the toss 15 minutes before the start time.
  • Players hit on the helmet will be required to follow the guidance provided by ECB for concussion, see below.

ALL impacts to the head when the ball is live must be called ‘Dead Ball’ (by either umpire). This includes ball-head, head-head, head-ground. etc. This applies to everyone – batters, fielders, bowlers, substitutes, runners and umpires.

No matter how late the call is made, the ball shall be deemed Dead from the instant of impact.

If an impact occurs when the ball is not live, or to a player not currently in the game. the protocol is still to be followed. 

  • The umpire(s) shall call for the appointed ‘Responsible Person’ of the club to conduct the assessment. The Captain is deemed to be ‘the responsible person’ if no other is offered.
  • If ANY doubt as to safety to continue play exists, the umpires must insist the player leaves the field (professional medical assessment is advised).
  • The protocol is for all players, not just the batter.
Concussion fact
Concussion assess

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