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Dewsbury and District Sunday Cricket League – Constitution Season 2024

General League Rules 2024


a) That the combination of Clubs shall be called “The Dewsbury & District Sunday Cricket League, incorporating the Dewsbury & District League Umpires Association” from January 2003 and the Executive and Management Committee shall, each year, decide the formation and the admission of new clubs or teams.

b) Membership of the League implies strict acceptance , without question, of ALL League and Cup Rules , as determined by the Annual General Meeting of Clubs . The interpretation of these rules shall be decided by the Executive Committee, and their decision on the rules and on any points arising there from shall be final and binding on all parties. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for rule-breaking , and any Club adjudged guilty of ‘bending’ the rules for its own benefit or convenience will be dealt with severely. Clubs may be expelled by the Executive Committee for not adhering to the rules. Clarification upon any point can be obtained from the Executive by either writing to, or telephoning the League Secretary. PERSONAL APPROACHES or protests must not be made to individual officers except in furtherance of the ordinary business of the League, e.g. Registration, payment of monies, change of ground etc.

c) All Clubs playing in previous season are deemed to be members of the Dewsbury & District Sunday Cricket League unless owing money or are suspended. If they wish to change their name they will have to pay a fee of £50 to cover Administration costs.

d) Clubs in membership must give 12 months notice of Resignation in writing before April 30th for the following season. Any club resigning (before the AGM) in writing or otherwise without giving sufficient notice will be fined £300. If the club does not pay the fine by 30th of November or within 30 days of resigning they will be reported to the Y.C.B and the club and ALL its registered players will be unable to play in any form of cricket until the fine has been paid. As a concession any of the registered players wishing to play cricket in the future MUST pay at least £30 each to the League. except the 3 officials of the Club, Namely Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, who will have to pay at least £50 each. If they resign after the A.G.M THEY MAY HAVE TO PAY A FURTHER FINE OF £500 (League Fees, Insurance, Broken Engagements, etc).

e) All applications to membership of the League from NEW CLUBS OR TEAMS should be submitted to the League Secretary by October 31st each year. ALL NEW CLUBS OR TEAMS to be accepted on 12 months probation, with a bond of £150. This bond to be paid before the League structure and fixtures are formulated and £50 will be refunded at end of season if nothing untoward as occurred. The Clubs concerned must be able to satisfy the Executive Committee that they have the administration , finance, playing strength, and ambition to become worthwhile playing members of the League. They must bear in mind, particularly, the provisions of Rule 6. It must be clearly understood that the interest of existing Clubs are paramount, and that the League reserves to itself the right to reject any or all applications for membership for reasons which it considers good and sufficient.

f) Clubs applying for membership from another organised League must submit a letter of clearance from that League.

g) No player can play for more than one team in the same Dewsbury League Cup Competition.

h) Membership of the League shall be open to all irrespective of gender, disability, race , ethnic origin, colour, status or sexual orientation, but minimum age is 13.

i) If there are insufficient teams for the League to function then the Executive Committee shall decide what is to be done with League assets and their decision will be final.


a) Annual fees of £250 [includes YCB Affiliation and Handbooks] must be paid before May 1st. Any club delaying payment after this date will be fined £10 per month or part of a month, and will be deducted 1 point per week or part week until full payment is made.

b) Clubs playing on Kirklees Metropolitan grounds must pay their ground fees to the League Treasurer. The first half to be paid BEFORE May 1st and the second BEFORE July 1st. Any Club delaying payment after these dates will be deducted 1 League Point per week or part week until full payment is made and fined £10 per month or part of a month.

C) All other payments have to be paid by the next meeting or within 31 days from date of invoice, whichever comes first. Any team delaying payment after these dates will be deducted 1 LEAGUE Point per week or part week until full payment is made, and fined £10 per month or part of month.

d) All subscriptions, fines, fees etc. outstanding at the close of the season must be paid by October 31st, or a further fine of £20 will be incurred. The Financial Year will end on November 30th and any Club owing money after this date could be debarred from Membership the following season. If a club has outstanding debts to The League or Kirklees Council then all registered members of that club may be held responsible and will not be allowed to transfer to another club until the debt is paid or they pay their designated portion of the debt, they may be reported to the Yorkshire Cricket Board.

e) ALL CLUBS MUST hold current “THIRD PARTY” Insurance with a minimum indemnity limit of £5 million. Evidence that cover is held to be provided to the League Treasurer or his Nominee at the appropriate time . Failure to provide evidence will result in a fine of £10 and the Club will be suspended until evidence is provided, and will be fined as per Rule 9 – Broken Engagement.

f) Those Clubs whose Insurance is provided by ASA Insurance will pay for it through the League BEFORE the 1st of July. Any Club delaying payment after this date will be fined £1O per month or part of the month and will be deducted 1 Point per week until payment is made.

g) ALL CLUBS MUST be members of the YORKSHIRE CRICKET BOARD and must pay their annual affiliation fee through the League Treasurer BEFORE May 1st each year.

h) ALL CLUBS MUST purchase 4 tickets for the end of Season Presentation Evening.


a) The following Honorary Officers shall be elected annually – President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Results Secretary, Registration Secretary, Umpire’s Appointments Secretary, and Website Administrator .

b) A honorary Life Vice-President may be elected at an Annual General Meeting for long service to the League or on the recommendation of the Executive Committee in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the benefit of the League.

c) The Executive Committee, who shall have authority to deal with all matters arising out of these Rules and with the routine business of the League, shall consist of the Officers named in 3a, and a maximum of Five other members who shall be elected annually.

d) Officers and Executive members shall be elected by BALLOT at the Annual General Meeting when necessary or at an extraordinary general Meeting called for that purpose. In the event of vacancies arising through resignation or through non-attendance, as in 3e, the Executive shall be empowered to co-opt members to the Committee, these members only to serve in that capacity until the next Annual General Meeting. The Executive are, also empowered to fill any vacancy in the Officers as they see fit.

e) All Executive Meetings shall be called by the General Secretary as required, or upon the instructions of the League President, and nonattendance at FOUR consecutive meetings, unless prevented by illness, holidays or work, shall result in forfeiture of that membership. The quorum required to form an Executive Meeting shall be 25% of elected members plus a Chairman . ALL MEMBERS PRESENT AT AN EXECUTIVE Meeting shall have one vote on any issue, and the Chairman of the meeting shall also have an additional casting vote.

f) The Management Committee of the League shall meet monthly, every 2nd Monday from March to October, and shall consist of the Officers and other Executive members, the Life Vice-Presidents, at least one representative from each Club and one representative from the Umpire’s Association. Attendance by Clubs at any Management Committee meeting and at the A.G.M or Extraordinary General Meeting is obligatory (See Rules 3k and 31). The quorum at a Monthly, Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 50% of the Clubs in membership, and each club represented and the Umpire’s representative shall be allowed ONE vote on any matter. The Executive committee, as a body is only allowed ONE vote, but Officers may address the meeting as required. All decisions will be taken by a simple majority of votes cast, with the Chairman having a casting vote if necessary. This would normally be in favour of the STATUS QUO .

g) The Annual General meeting shall be held when decided by the Executive committee and will be called by the General Secretary. A discussion will be held and a decision taken on any amendments to Rules submitted according to Rule 3i.

h) Nominations of Officers and other members of the Executive Committee must be received by the General Secretary by October 31st each year. All nominations and any proposed amendments or additions to Rules shall be notified to Clubs at least 21 days prior to the A.G .M, or Extraordinary Meeting. Such nominations or alterations to Rules may also be submitted by the Executive Committee as a body. A reasonable period of notice to be given with correspondence between the General Secretary and Clubs in all matters when a closing date, for whatever that correspondence is concerned is required by the League.

i) Any Club proposing alterations or additions to these Rules shall lodge such proposed alterations or additions in writing with the General Secretary on or before October 31st for presentation before the A.G.M or the Extraordinary Meeting especially called for that purpose.

j) At the written request of not less than ten member Clubs , or at the request of the Executive Committee, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called within 21 days of the receipt of the request of the General Secretary. The objective of such meeting shall be fully stated in the request and in the notice convening the meeting and no other subject discussed.

k) Any Club being unrepresented at any League Meeting shall be fined £10. Persistent offenders shall be brought before the Executive Committee on a disciplinary matter. (To be Registered /Present they must attend for the whole Meeting)

I) For non-attendance at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting the delinquent club shall be fined £20 if continuing in membership.

m) All Rules will be strictly enforced.


a) The League shall consist of 16 Teams divided into 2 Sections. Section A has 10 Teams and Section B has 6 Teams. In 2019 ‘A’ Section teams will elect which ground they wish to play home matches on depending on the position they finished in the League in 2018. ‘B’ Section teams will have a similar choice where practicable.

b) Each team shall normally play home and away matches with all the other teams in their Section. All League matches shall be arranged by the Executive Committee and are to be played on the dates and grounds printed in the Handbook.

c) The team attaining the highest number of points in their section shall be the Winner. In the event of teams finishing level on points, the following system will apply: Teams with the most outright wins to be placed first. If there is still a tie, then the average run per wicket will decide League positions and this will be worked out as follows:

(i) Runs scored against wickets lost in obtaining these runs.

(ii) Runs scored by opponents against wickets taken .

Divide wickets into runs in both cases to get two averages , and then deduct

(ii) from (i). The team having the highest plus result will be the winner. All League matches will apply in obtaining these averages, except where results are deleted because of resignation or expulsion from League.

d) It is intended that the bottom 2 teams in Section A shall be relegated and the top 2 teams in Section B shall be promoted.


a) Any Club applying for membership to the League will have to satisfy the League, before acceptance, that they have use of a suitable ground and that they have adequate dressing and toilet facilities. The same conditions will be imposed upon any existing club who desire to change their field between seasons. Existing Clubs are also reminded that they must ensure that all facilities are satisfactory. The home team to be responsible for collecting rubbish and to leave the ground and changing rooms in good condition.

b) GROUNDS AND SCOREBOARDS. It is the responsibility of all Clubs to ensure that the condition and preparation of their playing area is to a good standard. CLUBS who use COUNCIL-OWNED grounds MUST be prepared carry out additional work themselves as per Rule 7(p). All home clubs to provide boundary markers and scoreboards, which must be in position for the start of the match and sawdust when required. Failure to do this will result in a fine of £10 .

c) Each club to have at least ONE representative at the ground for home matches at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of play. This person to check that the pitch and outfield is fit for play, and if it is not to do something about it. Each home club to provide a sweeping brush , white emulsion, paint and paint brush. The pitch to be swept and pitch marks repainted if requested by the visiting captain or umpires at the start of the match or at the tea interval.


a) Each team will bat a maximum of 40 ‘si x ball’ overs and the games will be conducted under the Official Laws of Cricket governing such one-day games, except as they are varied by the League and Cup Rules as set out herein. In all matches except weather interrupted, the fielding side will bowl their 40 overs in 2 hours 30 minutes. Any team who have not bowled their 40 overs in 2 hours 30 minutes will be fined £5.00 for each uncompleted over, after 2 hours 30 minutes have elapsed. No bowler may bowl more than a maximum of 8 overs in any innings.

b) All League matches shall commence at 1.30pm and finish no later than 7.30pm when not affected by Rule 6(J). (Except April and September when start will be 1.00pm and Finish 7.00pm).

c) Points. The team scoring most runs (provided that they have completely bowled out their opponents) shall be awarded SIX points, and the other side NO points. In matches where a team scores most runs, but fails to bowl out all opponents completely , this result shall count as a winning draw, with FIVE points for the team scoring most runs and ONE point for the other team.

d) Tied Matches. Any match where the scores finish level, irrespective of wickets down shall be adjudged a TIE with THREE points to each side.

e) Any team batting first may declare before the end of 40 overs, but will be classed as ‘ALL OUT .

f) If a bowler is unable to complete an over, then that over must be completed by another bowler (but not by the bowler on the other end). No under-arm bowling will be allowed in any competition by Dewsbury & District Cricket League. If a bowler is reported in writing for ‘NO BOWLING’ then his suspect action will be monitored by the League.

g) Tea Interval shall be of 20 minutes duration except where agreed otherwise by umpires and both captains.

h) Irrespective of weather conditions, both teams must be in attendance, and be prepared to commence play, at the time specified in Rule 6(b). The two Umpires shall decide if the ground and weather conditions are fit for play to commence. The Umpires are in full control of the game and shall have sole discretion as to the continuance or resumption of play on account of weather conditions. When the weather interferes with play, AFTER PLAY HAS COMMENCED OR SHOULD HAVE COMMENCED for a total of more than 30 minutes, whether through bad light, rain, unfit ground etc., then the match shall revert to a TIME BASIS, with a 7.30pm finish. Then provided that the Umpire has taken his stance at the bowling end by 7.30pm that over must be completed, UNLESS there is a further interruption through weather (The time finish may be affected by Rule 6(J)).

i) Time Finishes. No team may bat for more than 40 overs, and the normal points system will apply if there is a definite result or the overs are completed by 7.30pm. All games not completed by 7.30pm will count as drawn games with TWO points to each side. Should bad weather conditions delay the start of a game after the official starting time, then the 40 over per side Rule will be reduced. as follows:-

After 30 minutes reduced to 35 overs and after 60 minutes reduced to 30 overs per side with the same conditions, points etc, and a 7.30pm finish. No match can start after 3.00pm, the match will be declared as a draw with TWO points to each side. If more than ONE match STARTS in either Section A or Section B then that Sections results will stand.

j) Time Finishes. In matches where time finish applies A MINIMUM of 20 overs shall be bowled in the last hour. The finish shall be when 20 overs have been bowled or one hour has elapsed which ever is the later. Always providing that no team may bat more than 40 overs, 35 overs, or 30 overs which ever the case may be. If for any reason play is suspended during the last hour, one over shall be deducted for every FULL three minutes lost.

k) The incoming batsman shall meet the outgoing batsman on the field of play. Clubs should note the new M.C.C. Law re ‘TIMED OUT’ and should refrain from conduct which compels the Umpires to enforce this Law. Umpires must report any Club which is guilty of delaying play in this manner.

I) Players arriving late. No player shall be allowed to come into any match, except as a substitute, after 45 minutes have elapsed since the scheduled start. A reserve player or 12th man who MUST be named on the team sheet and notified to the umpires and opposing captain before the start of the match can take full part in the match, but can only be replaced upto the 45th minute if he has not batted, bowled, or kept wicket.

m) Rolling, etc. The toss should be made not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. The team, consisting of at least seven players, not present at this time will be deemed to have lost the toss [see Rule 6(r). The batting side is then allowed a maximum of SEVEN minutes rolling of the pitch, providing that this rolling does not interfere w h the prompt start of the game. Such rolling, and any rolling between the innings, is the responsibility of the home Club . NOTE: In Cup-ties the batting side also have the right to SEVEN minutes rolling before the start of each play. Ample saw-dust MUST be available at all games. Umpires should report any breach.

n) Each team must purchase at least 12 balls from the League at the start of the season. All balls used in the Dewsbury & District Cricket League must be of a standard as set and approved by the Executive Committee and can be used for only 2 matches of more than 10 overs duration. The ball will be provided by the fielding side, who shall have the option of using either a new or a part worn ball . An additional part worn ball (not new) must be provided as a spare. The balls must be inspected by the umpires before use. This rule will apply to all League and Cup Fixtures.

o) Dress code. No player shall be allowed to play in any League or Cup match unless he is dressed in white or cream shirt and trousers. No bowler may bowl in a shirt which carries ‘flashes’ (shoulders, arms, etc.). No substitute fielder shall take part in any game unless he is wearing at least , a white sweater. Captains are instructed to enforce this Rule very strictly, and any violation should be reported to the Executive who may take suitable action.

p) Markings. All creases MUST be marked clearly and ACCURATELY and the boundaries must be easily distinguishable and marked by continuous white lines, and, if possible, marker boards to the satisfaction of the Umpires and the opposing Captains . Again, all breaches should be reported.

q) Late Starting. For any reason other than adverse weather or ground conditions, MUST be reported to the Results Secretary within SEVEN days of the conclusion of the match by the Umpires; and the offending Club shall be fined £2.00 per minute. Umpires should report the circumstances verbally to the TWO Captains and then in writing to the Results Secretary.

r) The captains must be at the ground at least 25 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of play. The toss MUST be made at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of play. Any team not present or not consisting of at least 7 players are therefore not ready to toss at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of play shall be fined £5.00 and be deemed to have lost the toss.

s) There must be 2 scorers at all times , failure will incur a fine of £10.00, and they should sit together so that the scores agree. If necessary, a player of the fielding side will have to score.

t) Identity photo’s for the eleven intending players must be shown to the opposing captain and umpires prior to the match, completed team sheets with full names (including reserve player where applicable) as shown on the identity photo must be given to the umpires. Failure to do either will incur fine of £10.

u) Match Fixing. if any Club/Official/Player is found guilty of match fixing or attempted match fixing then they will be suspended from the League and reported to Y.C.B.


For the purpose of fulfilling engagements, not less than SEVEN properly registered players, present at the start of the game, shall constitute a team and, unless the delay is due to adverse weather conditions, no match may commence more than 30 minutes after the official time for starting. Any team which produces a team of less than SEVEN registered players, or is not ready to commence a game within 30 minutes of the appointed time (WHATEVER THE WEATHER CONDITIONS) shall receive NO points AND SHALL BE FINED AS PER Rule 8 (Broken Engagements). And the non offending team shall receive MAXIMUM points unless Rule 6(i) (last paragraph applies).


The penalty for a broken engagement is forfeiture of full points, which will be awarded to their opponents. The OFFENDING CLUB shall also be fined £50, and the non-ability to raise a team must be reported to the General Secretary, to the opposing Club and to the Umpire’s Appointments Secretary as soon as possible. If not reported until the day before or the day of the fixture they will be fined £100 which will include 2 Umpire’s full fees. All these monies MUST be paid to the League Treasurer, who will, at the discretion of the Executive, forward all or part of the money, less any Umpire fees, to the suffering Club. If the offending Club are visitors they must reimburse the Home Club for the cost of hiring the ground for that match. NOTE: A second broken engagement in the same season must bring into question the desirability of the defaulting Club being allowed to continue in membership of the League. If any team is unable to field a team for religious reasons (i.e “SPECIAL GATHERING”) or some other reason deemed acceptable by the Executive Committee, the Club concerned shall notify the General Secretary, Umpire’s Appointments Secretary and the opposing Club at least 14 days prior to the date of the match IN WRITING: that team will forfeit all points but will not incur financial penalty. Failure to conform to this rule will result in the offending Club incurring fines as above plus Umpires fees irrespective of Umpires being given other matches. If both Clubs are involved in the religious gathering NEITHER CLUB shall receive any points. Any monies owing to Umpires by Clubs not fulfilling their fixtures to be paid out of League funds, and the League reclaim from the offending Clubs.


a) Results and best performances from all teams must be sent by text on match days by 9.00 pm to . Failure to do so will incur a fine of £5.

b) A scoresheet, on the form provided or if necessary on plain paper, MUST be sent in by each TEAM in respect of each game, whether played or not, to the Results Secretary so as to reach him not later than the 12 noon on the Tuesday following the match. The scoresheet shall specify the full names of all players taking part whether they have batted or not (in the same form as set out on their registration certificate) and shall include the full match scores and detailed bowling analysis, Captains and Wicket Keepers to be indicated. set out on their registration form) and shall include the full match scores and detail bowling analysis .Captains and Wicket keepers to be shown. The responsibility for sending in prompt and accurate result sheets is ON THE CLUB Officials, and if they do not comply w h this Rule, the penalty for the offence shall be £5. After FOUR offences the offending Club will be instructed to appear before the Executive Committee to explain their conduct. The intention is that in future it will not be necessary to levy fines at all for this offence. It is emphasised that to safeguard Clubs against possible future objections. ALL ELEVEN PLAYERS , WHETHER BATTING OR NOT, should be listed in the scorebook and on the Result Sheet. All wicket-keeping victims to be clearly marked, all catches by fielders to be named.


a) All Umpires for League fixtures are appointed by the Umpires Appointments Secretary, and if for any reason the home team switches a game to another ground, the Appointments Secretary and the visiting Club should be notified as quickly as possible, as Umpires have to be redirected. The General Secretary should also be informed. It would be appreciated if all Clubs gave an Umpire a lift to or from a ground when requested .

b) Each Umpire’s match expenses are £35.00 (£30.00 plus £5.00 in lieu of tea). If due to bad weather or unfit pitch no game takes place, Umpires shall be paid £10 each. If only ONE OFFICIALLY APPOINTED Umpire is present he must be asked to officiate at the bowling end throughout the match, if he agrees, the match fee shall be £45.00 (£40.00 plus £5.00 in lieu of tea). Clubs to share Umpires expenses in all matches. The fee MUST be paid at the interval, and Clubs are reminded that it is most unseemly for Umpire’s to have to ask for their fee. Umpires fees to be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.

c) If no Official Umpire is present, the teams must ask officials, spectators or players to act as Umpires, and the fixture must be played as arranged. The TWO Captains must agree on the selection of substitute Umpires, and no player may stand without the consent of the opposing Captain .

d) Should any Umpire fail to fulfil his appointment , late arrival, or on field duties (such as dress code, report late starts, incident reporting, unscheduled breaks, not advising captain of reporting, not signing scorebook or scoresheet, etc), without a bona Iida reason, he shall be fined £10 and such a fine shall be levied by and paid to the League Treasurer.

e) Umpires should be in attendance at the ground at least 20 minutes before the appointed start time. On arrival at the ground the umpires are in sole charge and their decisions MUST NOT BE DISPUTED. Clubs are reminded they will be held, in part, responsible for the behaviour of their spectators.

f) Both umpires must complete an umpires card for each match and countersigned by the other umpire with details of any incidents which occur. This card to be submitted to a league official within 7 days. The umpire may be disciplined if he does not. Umpire should sign the scorebooks or scoresheets and notify captains if they are going to report them for any incident at the end of the match.

g) If any Club is not satisfied with the standard of the Umpire, or with his behaviour, they should report the full circumstances in writing, quoting names (and if possible, members of the opposing team) to the General Secretary within SEVEN days of the match. It is clearly understood that any such report, whatever the outcome , can under no circumstances affect the result of any game. Clubs are expected to be sensible and fair-minded on this matter.


a) No player can take part in the League. Cup, 20/20, Indoor or outdoor Six-A-side Competitions in this league, who is not a bona fida registered member of his Club.

b) Any player wishing to register at any time with a Club in this League MUST first ensure that he has no outstanding financial obligations what so ever to any other Cricket Club or Cricket League with whom he has previously been connected.

c) No player may register with a Club or take part in any League or Cup games within this League who is a professional within the meaning given by or proved to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding on all-parties. Any overseas Player wishing to register who is here on visitor/student or Sports Visa must produce his Visa to the League Committee for acceptance or refusal.

d) Definition of a Professional: One who has been in receipt of remuneration from any source for service rendered as a player during the present season or who has contracted to receive such remuneration during the present season or in the period up to the beginning of the following season, Remuneration ,for this purpose, is taken to mean the receipt from his Club or from any Official of his Club of cash or kind, directly or indirectly for services rendered as an ordinary player or for any outstanding performance in any game or games, and includes the payment of any form of set expenses; travelling or otherwise; ALSO for this purpose, the word ‘season’ is taken to mean the period covered by the financial year of this League. This does not preclude the normal collection for an outstanding performance from spectators or team mates.

e) All intending players, whether newcomers or not, must first complete and sign, an official Registration Form showing, in full, the name by which they are normally known and under which they will play, together with their full Address , Date of Birth, and Club Secretaries or Officials should signify their full understanding and agreement by counter-signing, and then submit all such Forms to the Registration Secretary so as to reach him no later than 8.00pm Thursday prior to his first intended Sunday game accompanied by 1 “Passport” photo’s. If there are no problems with the registration form and photo then the player will be registered on the Club Website. There will also be a charge of £3.00 for each registration.

f) The passport photo’s remain the property of the League.

g) If an intending player has registered or played for another Sunday League team in 2017, 2018 or 2019, he will also be required to properly complete an ‘Official Registration and Transfer Form’ signed by the -Secretary/Official of his previous club and also signed by the Secretary/Official of his new club. The official registration, transfer forms and photo’s must be submitted to the Registration Secretary at least 11 days prior to him playing for his new club. If there are no problems with the registration and transfer he will be registered on the Club Website and there will be a charge of £5.00 for each transfer.

h) No player may register or play for more than ONE Sunday League Team at the same time. If a Player does register or play with another Sunday League Team without obtaining a transfer , his registration in this League is automatically cancelled but he must appear before the League Disciplinary Committee before he can re-register and he may be fined and/or suspended. But a player may play for another team in a Saturday League, Midweek League or Friendly Match subject to that League rules.

i) Any Player who has played in the Barnsley or any other ‘Non Registering’ Sunday League can play in the Dewsbury & District Cricket League without a Transfer. No Disciplinary Action will be taken by the League.

j) No registration or transfer will be accepted between the 31st July and the Annual General Meeting. The AGM to be regarded as the end of the season and the start of a new season.

k) Objection to a Transfer – Should any Club object to the transfer request made by one of the players, then the Club should write immediately to the Registration Secretary staling the reasons for objection (financial, suspension, etc.) and also notify the player and his prospective Club in the same manner. The matter will then be dealt with by the Executive Committee who shall take such action as they see fit, and then advise all three parties of their decision, which shall be final and binding. If the objection is for financial reasons then the objecting Club must have an agreement IN WRITING of what amount the player had agreed to pay. This must also be signed by the player.

I) Objection to an Inter-Club Transfer No club may withhold a transfer on the ground of money owed by a player after 31st October of that season, unless the League Secretary has been informed in writing by that date.

m) Any Player transferred from another Sunday League into the Dewsbury Sunday League must wait at least 5 weeks before he can transfer to another Sunday League.

n) No player can register or play for more than 2 teams in the Dewsbury League in the same season (but can transfer back to the first team).

o) No more than 2 players can be transferred from one Dewsbury Sunday League team to another Dewsbury Sunday League team without the

permission of the team they are leaving and the League committee.


a) Objections or complaints must NOT be made personally or verbally to any Officer or Officers.

b) Any club which wishes to raise an objection against any other Club or any of it’s players, or against the result of any match, MUST submit written notification and evidence, not hearsay, together with a deposit of £1O to the General Secretary to arrive no later than the Friday following the match, and must also forward a copy of the objection at the same time to the Club concerned.

c) Club representatives shall have the power to inspect the current register and playing records of any other Club in the League, by appointments at any reasonable time , and on payment of a non returnable fee of £5. Any Club requesting such a search of records must name specifically the player and players concerned. The Executive Committee shall also have the power to make a search of the records at any time and take any such action as they see fit.

d) All objections or complaints shall be considered by the Executive Committee, who shall determine the manner in which the enquiry is conducted and shall have full power to adjudicate on the matter in dispute and inflict such penalties as they see fit.

e) Representation, Any Club which is party to an objection or dispute shall be allowed TWO representatives to state it’s case to the Executive Committee when it meets to consider the matter. A written representation may be made but this will be final.

f) Any dispute or complaint which involves Umpires must be reported in writing and when this complaint is considered the Umpire Representative or an appointee shall have the right to be present.

g) As a general principle no expenses, travelling or otherwise will be aid to any party to a dispute or to any witness , unless a specific invitation is made by the Executive Committee outlining such an arrangement. An umpire who is named as an incidental witness in a complaint may send a written testimony if he so desires.

h) Any party to a dispute or complaint shall have the right of making ONE appeal , in writing or e-mail together with a deposit of £30 to the General Secretary, against a decision of the Executive Committee if he considers that he has fresh evidence to substantiate such an appeal. The matter will then be reconsidered by an INDEPENDENT PANEL AND IF STILL FOUND GUILTY ANY COSTS INCURRED BY THE INDEPENDENT PANEL WILL BE CHARGED TO APPELLANT and any judgement so reached shall be considered to be final and binding on all parties. An appeal must be lodged within SEVEN days.

Rule 13 – GENERAL

a) Penalties, Should any Club play a player who is not properly registered under League or Cup Rules and they are found to be at Fault they may be fined £20 per player for each offence, and they MAY forfeit any points obtained in the match or matches and the suffering Club MAY be awarded the full points at stake. ALSO under these circumstances, the records for previous matches may be checked, and if it is found that the player(s) concerned has taken part in previous games for the Club , improperly registered, all points obtained in these games too may be forfeited and the suffering Club(s) awarded the full points at stake. The offending Club may also incur further fines, the amount to be determined by the Executive Committee. If the Player is found to be at Fault he may be Suspended or Fined.

b) If any Club or Team resigns from, or is expelled from, the League during a season, then all points obtained in previous games by opposing teams shall be declared null and void, and they shall be placed bottom of their respective section. Individual records obtained against such a Club or Team shall be expunged and shall not be taken into consideration when adjudication is made for the season’s individual awards.


a) Any club / player found guilty of any offence shall be dealt as per guideline for disciplinary Action on the YCB Disciplinary Website.

b) The Discipline Committee shall consist of a Chairman and three other Executive Members. (who should not be connected to the clubs/players concerned in the dispute (Independent where possible).

c) The INDEPENDENT Appeals Committee should consist of a Chairman and three other Independent members from the panel plus a Secretary (who will not have a vote) appointed by the Executive Committee.

d) On both Committees the Chairman shall have a vote and if need arises also a casting vote .

e) If an offender admits his guilt or is found guilty then the Punishment takes affect immediately once the offender is notified. He is not allowed to play between the dates stated and until the fine is paid, unless he appeals.

f) If a club or player is suspended by this League then the League have to advise Y.C.B and the Saturday or Midweek Club he plays for. The Club or

Player will be suspended from ALL Cricket.


If any question shall arise in connection with the League Competition or with any Cup or any other competition organised by the League. whether or not the same is already dealt with elsewhere. either in these Rules or in the Rules of any Cup or other competition , the committee shall have full power to inflict such penalties on both Clubs and players as they shall think fit and their decision shall be final and by way of example, and not by definition. such penalties may be either a fine, deduction of points, suspension or expulsion from this League or any combination of them, and the amount of any fine, the number of points deducted or period of suspension shall be at the absolute discretion of the Executive committee whose decision shall be final PROVIDED THAT before any such penalty is imposed the player and/or Secretary of the Club against whom any complaint has been made:-

i) Shall be notified in writing of the complaint and shall be advised that in the event of the complaint being substantiated the Committee may act in reliance of its powers as contained in this Rule.

ii) Shall be notified of the date, place and time when the Executive Committee shall consider the complaint and shall be entitled to attend and listen, with a representative to all evidence given in support of the complaint, to question any person giving such evidence, to call evidence on their own behalf and to address the Committee and comment on all points raised.

The Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the League, shall have full jurisdiction on all matters connected with the League, including all Competitions and Functions organised during or outside the normal playing season. For the purpose of this rule all players registrations shall be regarded as staying in effect until the first Sunday of the ensuing season, or until the player signs for another Club or resigns from his existing Club. The good name of the League is paramount and any Club or player adjudged to have brought the name of the League into disrepute will be dealt with very severely.

Anyone who is convicted of a Criminal Offence and is unable to Pass a D.B.S Check cannot be Associated with the League.



a) All players must be properly registered players of their clubs and must have been registered before the 30th June as per provisions of league rule

11. They must have played at least one league match this season and to play in the semi-final and final at least two league matches. If a player is transferred and later transferred back to the original Club the new registration date will be the one applicable for eligibility.

b) By mutual agreement the HOME CLUB may forfeit ground advantage, provided that THREE DAYS NOTICE is given to the CUP UMPIRE’S APPOINTMENTS SECRETARY and the leagues Secretary


a) Each side shall bat a maximum of 40 “six-ball” overs. The team scoring the most runs (irrespective of wickets down) shall be the winner. No bowler may bowl more than a maximum of 8 overs in any innings.

b) Both finalists in the Competition shall provide a new ball approved by the Executive Committee. Spare ball (not a new ball) shall be provided by each team.

c) Should any matches end in a tie, the winner shall be decided by a super over consisting of 6 ball per team, the team scoring the most numbers is declared at the winner.

d) All points not otherwise dealt with in these Cup Rules, shall be in

accordance with the League Rules.


a) All Cup games will normally be played on the date printed in the Handbook, with a 13:30pm start. If a match is postponed or not completed then the match should be re arranged for the FIRST AVAILABLE DATE. The new date must be notified to the umpires appointments secretary and to the results secretary as soon as possible.

b) Ground availability. If any Club’s ground is not available on the Saturday or Sunday for reasons of religious belief, or in the case of a rented ground to be arranged by the Home Club or the opponent’s ground if both ground, through a prior booking, the match may be played on a neutral teams agree. Should the ground still not be available, the decision on the venue will be taken by the Executive Committee

c) Ground Sharers. If two teams are sharing the same ground have home Cup-ties on the same date , the first drawn team shall have use of the ground and the other team MUST make alternative arrangements.

d) The Umpires are in sole control of the game and shall have sole discretion as to the start, continuous or resumption of play owing to weather or ground conditions . All games shall be played to a finish.

e) Preparation and Rolling. The batting side is entitled to 7 minutes rolling before the start of an innings in accordance with League Rule 7), and also before each session of play. The pitch should be mowed before play begins in the game, and daily before play begins, irrespective of whether play has taken place on the preceding day. It is well understood that on certain rented grounds (e.g. from the Council) this procedure may not be possible. Watering. No pitch in either League or Cup matches can in any circumstances be watered after a game has commenced.

Rule 4 – UMPIRES

a) The Cup Umpire’s Appointments Secretary shall appoint all Umpires in all rounds prior to the Final. The Umpires for the Finals shall be selected by the Executive Committee. As in League matches, the Umpires shall be the sole judges of fact and the interpretation of the Laws of Cricket, and their decision shall be absolutely final and binding.

b) The Umpire’s expenses shall be the same as when officiating League


Rule 5 – RESULTS

Each team MUST forward a detailed score-sheet, as in League Rule 9, to the Results Secretary so as to reach him by the following Tuesday morning of the completion of the match, otherwise the appropriate fines will be imposed. Cup and League games will be assessed together when assessing penalties for second or third offences.


a) Any objections or complaints regarding a cup-tie and concerning the opposing Club or any player MUST first be TELEPHONED to the General Secretary so that arrangements can be put in hand for a hearing. Then a detailed written complaint must be in the General Secretary’s hand within three days of the completion of the match, and a full copy of the complaint sent at the same time to the Secretary of the opposing Club.

b) If the complaint concerns an umpire the General Secretary will forward copies of the complaint to the Umpire Secretary and the Umpire concerned.

c) Even if a complaint against an Umpire is proved correct then this CANNOT affect the resuIt of any match.

d) All objection and complaints must be accompanied by a deposit of £10.

e) All complaints etc, will be dealt with as set out in the League Rules.


Should any team field a player who is not properly registered with his Club as set out in the League Rules or who is not entitled to play for that team in accordance with the provisions of Cup Rule 1, then the tie will be awarded to their opponents and the offending Club MAY be fined, the amount of such fine to be determined by the Executive Committee. A Sportsman is a man who does not boast or quit, or make excuses when he fails. He is a cheerful loser and a quiet winner. He plays fair and as well as he can. He enjoys the pleasures or risks, gives his opponents the benefit of the doubt and values the game Itself more highly than the result”.


1. All players must be registered players of their clubs and to have been registered by the 30th of June, and to have played at least one league match and to play in the semi-final and final at least 2 League matches.

2. Each side shall bat a maximum of 20 “six ball” overs. The team scoring most runs (irrespective of wickets down) shall be the winners. Should the runs be the same, the wickets down will decide. If they are the same then the winner will be decided by playing a super over consisting of 6 balls for each team.

3. No bowler may bowl more than a maximum of 4 overs in any innings.

4. “No Balls” count as 1 run plus a free hit, but can be run out or stumped on the free hit.

5. “Wides” count as 1 run plus another ball. Strict legside wide interpretation

6. Matches to start at 2.00pm (or 6.00pm if Evening Matches) except semi-final and Final.

7. Umpires fees to be £15.00 each. (£20.00 if only one umpire).

8. All games will be played on the date printed in the handbook except when postponed because of the weather.

9. Finalists will avoid Preliminary Round draw the following Season.