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Premier Section – Fixtures Season 2024

Week 1Sunday21/4/2024
Kings XI LahorevBhalot Strikers
Rising StarsvGreat Horton Sports
WhiterosevNafees CC
Nothern WarriorsvKashmir Dewsbury
AK EaglesvKarmand
Week 2Sunday28/4/2024
Nafees CCvBhalot Strikers
Kashmir DewsburyvRising Stars
KarmandvKings XI Lahore
Great Horton SportsvAK Eagles
Nothern WarriorsvWhiterose
Week 3Sunday5/5/2024
Rising StarsvBhalot Strikers
Nafees CCvKings XI Lahore
Great Horton SportsvKashmir Dewsbury
AK EaglesvNothern Warriors
Week 4Sunday12/5/2024
KarmandvBhalot Strikers
AK EaglesvKashmir Dewsbury
Nothern WarriorsvNafees CC
WhiterosevRising Stars
Kings XI LahorevGreat Horton Sports
Week 5Sunday19/5/2024
Bhalot StrikersvAK Eagles
Nothern WarriorsvKarmand
Kashmir DewsburyvWhiterose
Nafees CCvGreat Horton Sports
Rising StarsvKings XI Lahore
Cup/Shield 1st RoundSunday26/5/2024
Week 6Sunday2/6/2024
Bhalot StrikersvNothern Warriors
WhiterosevAK Eagles
Great Horton SportsvKarmand
Kings XI LahorevKashmir Dewsbury
Nafees CCvRising Stars
Week 8Sunday9/6/2024
Kashmir DewsburyvBhalot Strikers
Nafees CCvKarmand
AK EaglesvRising Stars
Kings XI LahorevNothern Warriors
WhiterosevGreat Horton Sports
Cup/Shield Q FinalsSunday16/6/2024
Week 9Sunday23/6/2024
Bhalot StrikersvWhiterose
Great Horton SportsvNothern Warriors
Kings XI LahorevAK Eagles
Rising StarsvKarmand
Kashmir DewsburyvNafees CC
Week 11Sunday30/6/2024
Bhalot StrikersvGreat Horton Sports
WhiterosevKings XI Lahore
Nothern WarriorsvRising Stars
AK EaglesvNafees CC
Kashmir Dewsbury vKarmand
Week 13Sunday7/7/2024
Cup Semi Finals
Week 12Sunday14/7/2024
Bhalot StrikersvKings XI Lahore
Great Horton SportsvRising Stars
Nafees CCvWhiterose
Kashmir DewsburyvNothern Warriors
KarmandvAK Eagles
Week 14Sunday21/7/2024
Bhalot StrikersvNafees CC
Rising StarsvKashmir Dewsbury
Kings XI LahorevKarmand
AK EaglesvGreat Horton Sports
WhiterosevNothern Warriors
Week 15Sunday28/7/2024
Bhalot StrikersvRising Stars
Kings XI LahorevNafees CC
Kashmir DewsburyvGreat Horton Sports
Nothern WarriorsvAK Eagles
Week 16Sunday4/8/2024
Bhalot StrikersvKarmand
Kashmir DewsburyvAK Eagles
Nafees CCvNothern Warriors
Rising StarsvWhiterose
Great Horton SportsvKings XI Lahore
Week 17Sunday11/8/2024
AK EaglesvBhalot Strikers
KarmandvNothern Warriors
WhiterosevKashmir Dewsbury
Great Horton SportsvNafees CC
Kings XI LahorevRising Stars
Week 18Sunday18/8/2024
Nothern WarriorsvBhalot Strikers
AK EaglesvWhiterose
KarmandvGreat Horton Sports
Kashmir DewsburyvKings XI Lahore
Rising StarsvNafees CC
Week 19Sunday25/8/2024
Cup Final
Week 20Sunday1/9/2024
Bhalot StrikersvKashmir Dewsbury
KarmandvNafees CC
Rising StarsvAK Eagles
Nothern WarriorsvKings XI Lahore
Great Horton SportsvWhiterose
Week 21Sunday8/9/2024
WhiterosevBhalot Strikers
Nothern WarriorsvGreat Horton Sports
AK EaglesvKings XI Lahore
KarmandvRising Stars
Nafees CCvKashmir Dewsbury
Week 22Sunday15/9/2024
Great Horton SportsvBhalot Strikers
Kings XI LahorevWhiterose
Rising StarsvNothern Warriors
Nafees CCvAK Eagles
KarmandvKashmir Dewsbury

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