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Crescent Section – Fixtures Season 2024

Week 1Sunday21/4/2024
Heaton ParkvTABS CC
Nathia United AvBradford Moor
Indus BradfordvRajput
Brighouse WarriorsvDiamond CC
Batley CCvBradford Riders
Week 2Sunday28/4/2024
TABS CCvIndus Bradford
Bradford MoorvDiamond CC
Batley CCvHeaton Park
Bradford RidersvNathia United A
Brighouse WarriorsvRajput
Week 3Sunday5/5/2024
Nathia United AvTABS CC
RajputvHeaton Park
Brighouse WarriorsvBradford Moor
Bradford RidersvIndus Bradford
Diamond CCvBatley CC
Week 4Sunday12/5/2024
Bradford RidersvDiamond CC
Brighouse WarriorsvIndus Bradford
Bradford MoorvRajput
Nathia United AvHeaton Park
Week 5Sunday19/5/2024
Bradford RidersvTABS CC
Batley CCvBrighouse Warriors
Diamond CCvRajput
Indus BradfordvNathia United A
Heaton ParkvBradford Moor
Cup/Shield 1st RoundSunday26/5/2024
Week 6Sunday2/6/2024
TABS CCvBrighouse Warriors
RajputvBradford Riders
Nathia United AvBatley CC
Heaton ParkvDiamond CC
Indus BradfordvBradford Moor
Week 8Sunday9/6/2024
Diamond CCvTABS CC
Indus BradfordvBatley CC
Bradford MoorvBradford Riders
Heaton ParkvBrighouse Warriors
RajputvNathia United A
Cup/Shield Q FinalsSunday16/6/2024
Week 9Sunday23/6/2024
RajputvTABS CC
Nathia United AvBrighouse Warriors
Heaton ParkvBradford Riders
Bradford MoorvBatley CC
Indus BradfordvDiamond CC
Week 11Sunday30/6/2024
TABS CCvBradford Moor
Indus BradfordvHeaton Park
Diamond CCvNathia United A
RajputvBatley CC
Brighouse WarriorsvBradford Riders
Week 13Sunday7/7/2024
Cup Semi Finals
Week 12Sunday14/7/2024
TABS CCvHeaton Park
Bradford MoorvNathia United A
RajputvIndus Bradford
Diamond CCvBrighouse Warriors
Bradford RidersvBatley CC
Week 14Sunday21/7/2024
Indus BradfordvTABS CC
Diamond CCvBradford Moor
Heaton ParkvBatley CC
Nathia United AvBradford Riders
RajputvBrighouse Warriors
Week 15Sunday28/7/2024
TABS CCvNathia United A
Heaton ParkvRajput
Bradford MoorvBrighouse Warriors
Indus BradfordvBradford Riders
Batley CCvDiamond CC
Week 16Sunday4/8/2024
Diamond CCvBradford Riders
Indus BradfordvBrighouse Warriors
RajputvBradford Moor
Heaton ParkvNathia United A
Week 17Sunday11/8/2024
TABS CCvBradford Riders
Brighouse WarriorsvBatley CC
RajputvDiamond CC
Nathia United AvIndus Bradford
Bradford MoorvHeaton Park
Week 18Sunday18/8/2024
Brighouse WarriorsvTABS CC
Bradford RidersvRajput
Batley CCvNathia United A
Diamond CCvHeaton Park
Bradford MoorvIndus Bradford
Week 19Sunday25/8/2024
Cup Final
Week 20Sunday1/9/2024
TABS CCvDiamond CC
Batley CCvIndus Bradford
Bradford RidersvBradford Moor
Brighouse WarriorsvHeaton Park
Nathia United AvRajput
Week 21Sunday8/9/2024
TABS CCvRajput
Brighouse WarriorsvNathia United A
Bradford RidersvHeaton Park
Batley CCvBradford Moor
Diamond CCvIndus Bradford
Week 22Sunday15/9/2024
Bradford MoorvTABS CC
Heaton ParkvIndus Bradford
Nathia United AvDiamond CC
Batley CCvRajput
Bradford RidersvBrighouse Warriors

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