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Star Section – Fixtures Season 2024

Week 1Sunday21/4/2024
Leeds StarsvBrighouse Qalandars
FriendsvAMY North East
NorthcliffevCAX’s XI
United FriendsvGhourghushti
Mirpur RoyalsvBradford United
Week 2Sunday28/4/2024
CAX’s XIvLeeds Stars
Bradford UnitedvBrighouse Qalandars
Khan CCvAMY North East
United FriendsvNorthcliffe
Week 3Sunday5/5/2024
FriendsvLeeds Stars
CAX’s XIvBrighouse Qalandars
AMY North EastvGhourghushti
Bradford UnitedvNorthcliffe
MayfieldvUnited Friends
Week 4Sunday12/5/2024
Leeds StarsvBradford United
Yorkshire LionsvGhourghushti
United FriendsvCAX’s XI
AMY North EastvBrighouse Qalandars
Week 5Sunday19/5/2024
Leeds StarsvHanover
United FriendsvBradford United
CAX’s XIvAMY North East
Brighouse QalandarsvFriends
Cup/Shield 1st RoundSunday26/5/2024
Week 6Sunday2/6/2024
Leeds StarsvUnited Friends
NorthcliffevNathia United B
AMY North EastvBradford United
Brighouse QalandarsvGhourghushti
CAX’s XIvFriends
Week 8Sunday9/6/2024
GhourghushtivLeeds Stars
Bradford UnitedvCAX’s XI
FriendsvLeesd Stallions
Brighouse QalandarsvUnited Friends
NorthcliffevAMY North East
Cup/Shield Q FinalsSunday16/6/2024
Week 9Sunday23/6/2024
Leeds StarsvNorthcliffe
AMY North EastvUnited Friends
Brighouse QalandarsvAQ Khan
FriendsvBradford United
GhourghushtivCAX’s XI
Week 11Sunday30/6/2024
AMY North EastvLeeds Stars
NorthcliffevBrighouse Qalandars
United FriendsvFriends
CAX’s XIvWakefield Stars
Bradford UnitedvGhourghushti
Week 13Sunday7/7/2024
Cup Semi Finals
Week 12Sunday14/7/2024
Brighouse QalandarsvLeeds Stars
AMY North EastvFriends
CAX’s XIvNorthcliffe
GhourghushtivUnited Friends
Bradford UnitedvMirpur Royals
Week 14Sunday21/7/2024
Leeds StarsvCAX’s XI
Brighouse QalandarsvBradford United
AMY North EastvKhan
NorthcliffevUnited Friends
Week 15Sunday28/7/2024
Leeds StarsvFriends
Brighouse QalandarsvCAX’s XI
GhourghushtivAMY North East
NorthcliffevBradford United
United FriendsvMayfield
Week 16Sunday4/8/2024
Bradford UnitedvLeeds Stars
GhourghushtivYorkshire Lions
CAX’s XIvUnited Friends
Brighouse QalandarsvAMY North East
Week 17Sunday11/8/2024
HanovervLeeds Stars
Bradford UnitedvUnited Friends
AMY North EastvCAX’s XI
FriendsvBrighouse Qalandars
Week 18Sunday18/8/2024
United FriendsvLeeds Stars
Nathia United BvNorthcliffe
Bradford UnitedvAMY North East
GhourghushtivBrighouse Qalandars
FriendsvCAX’s XI
Week 19Sunday25/8/2024
Cup Final
Week 20Sunday1/9/2024
Leeds StarsvGhourghushti
CAX’s XIvBradford United
Leeds StallionsvFriends
United FriendsvBrighouse Qalandars
AMY North EastvNorthcliffe
Week 21Sunday8/9/2024
NorthcliffevLeeds Stars
United FriendsvAMY North East
AQ KhanvBrighouse Qalandars
Bradford UnitedvFriends
CAX’s XIvGhourghushti
Week 22Sunday15/9/2024
Leeds StarsvAMY North East
Brighouse QalandarsvNorthcliffe
FriendsvUnited Friends
Wakefield StarsvCAX’s XI
GhourghushtivBradford United

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