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Dewsbury and District Cricket League – 8 a side Competition

The normal rules of cricket shall apply, subject to additional rules for the competition which may be amended as required

  • Players must be registered members of the club.
  • Each team should consist of 8 players and each match of one innings per team.
  • Each innings shall consist of 6 overs in the group stage, one bowled by each member of the fielding side except the wicketkeepers.
  • Each innings shall consist of 7 overs in the Semi and Finals, one bowled by each member of the fielding side except the wicketkeepers.
  • Bowler run up will be limited to 10 yards
  • In case of a bowler becoming incapacitated, the over shall be completed by a bowler nominated by the opposing captain.
  • Wicketkeepers cannot change mid-innings, unless the wicket-keeper sustains an injury during the game. They must wear protective gear ie gloves and pads at all times.
  • Two batters shall be at the wicket at all times during the innings. At the fall of the 7th wicket, the last man shall continue batting with the 7th out batter remaining at the wicket as a runner only.
  • If in the opinion of the umpire, there is negative or short pitched bowling, he shall call and signal “No Ball” and wides will strictly be interpreted
  • In the case of a ‘tied game’ a super over will be bowled to determine the winner. If this is not conclusive each player of each teams shall bowl one ball at the wicket in turn and the side hitting the stumps most times shall be the winner, if all the 8 players miss the stumps the teams start again until one of the players miss after taking their turn.
  • In the group stages if the teams have the same number of points the teams with least lose of wicket during the group games will be determined as the semi finalist.
  • The umpires are in full control and their decisions are final.
  • Umpires fee £50.00 paid by league.
  • Any elements not covered shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

Start Time at 11.30am

Toss up at 11:15am

Captains meeting at 11:10 at the ground

Group Stages
11.30AMYAvKKPitch 1
11.30KashmirvPKWAPitch 3
11.30Friends XIvGujarkhanPitch 4
12.15KashmirvAMYAPitch 4
12.15PKWAvFriends XIPitch 1
12.15GujarkhanvKKPitch 3
1.00AMYAvFriends XIPitch 3
1.00GujarkhanvPKWAPitch 1
1.00KKvKashmirPitch 4
1.45PKWAvAMYAPitch 4
1.45Friends XIvKKPitch 1
1.45GujarKhanvKashmirPitch 3
2.30AMYAvGujarkhanPitch 1
2.30KashmirvFriends XIPitch 3
2.30KKvPKWAPitch 4
Semi Finals
4.001stv4thToss for pitch

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