Star Section – Season 2021 League Fixtures

Week 1Sunday18/04/2021
AQ KhanvCentral Leeds
Mylahore Tabs AvFriends
Heaton ParkvMylahore Tabs B
PunjabvKhan 2nd XI
Wakefield StarsvRajpoot
Week 2Sunday25/04/2021
Mylahore Tabs BvAQ Khan
PunjabvMylahore Tabs A
RajpootvCentral Leeds
Wakefield StarsvFriends
Khan 2nd XIvHeaton Park
Week 3Sunday02/05/2021
Mylahore Tabs AvAQ Khan
Central LeedsvMylahore Tabs B
RajpootvHeaton Park
Wakefield StarsvKhan 2nd XI
Bank HolidayMonday03/05/2021
Cup Preliminary Round
Week 4Sunday09/05/2021
AQ KhanvRajpoot
PunjabvWakefield Stars
Mylahore Tabs BvKhan 2nd XI
Heaton ParkvMylahore Tabs A
Central LeedsvFriends
Week 5Sunday16/05/2021
Wakefield StarsvAQ Khan
Khan 2nd XIvRajpoot
Heaton ParkvPunjab
FriendsvMylahore Tabs B
Mylahore Tabs AvCentral Leeds
Week 7Sunday23/05/2021
Cup 1st Round
Week 6Sunday30/05/2021
AQ KhanvKhan 2nd XI
Heaton ParkvWakefield Stars
Central LeedsvPunjab
Mylahore SeniorvMylahore Tabs
Week 8Sunday06/06/2021
PunjabvAQ Khan
RajpootvMylahore Tabs B
Mylahore Tabs AvWakefield Stars
Khan 2nd XIvCentral Leeds
FriendsvHeaton Park
Week 10Sunday13/06/2021
Cup Quarter Finals
Week 9Sunday20/06/2021
AQ KhanvHeaton Park
Khan 2nd XIvFriends
Central LeedsvWakefield Stars
RajpootvMylahore Tabs A
Mylahore Tabs BvPunjab
Week 11Sunday27/06/2021
FriendsvAQ Khan
Heaton ParkvCentral Leeds
Mylahore Tabs AvKhan 2nd XI
Wakefield StarsvMylahore Tabs B
Week 13Sunday04/07/2021
Cup Semi Finals
Week 12Sunday11/07/2021
Central LeedsvAQ Khan
FriendsvMylahore Tabs A
Mylahore Tabs BvHeaton Park
Khan 2nd XIvPunjab
RajpootvWakefield Stars
Week 14Sunday18/07/2021
AQ KhanvMylahore Tabs B
Mylahore Tabs AvPunjab
Central LeedsvRajpoot
FriendsvWakefield Stars
Heaton ParkvKhan 2nd XI
Week 15Sunday25/07/2021
AQ KhanvMylahore Tabs A
Mylahore Senior BvCentral Leeds
Heaton ParkvRajpoot
Khan 2nd XIvWakefield Stars
Week 16Sunday01/08/2021
RajpootvAQ Khan
Wakefield StarsvPunjab
Khan 2nd XIvMylahore Tabs B
Mylahore Tabs AvHeaton Park
FriendsvCentral Leeds
Week 17Sunday08/08/2021
Cup Final
Week 18Sunday15/08/2021
AQ KhanvWakefield Stars
RajpootvKhan 2nd XI
PunjabvHeaton Park
Mylahore Tabs BvFriends
Central LeedsvMylahore Tabs A
Week 19Sunday22/08/2021
Khan 2nd XIvAQ Khan
Wakefield StarsvHeaton Park
PunjabvCentral Leeds
Mylahore Tabs AvMylahore Tabs B
Week 20Sunday29/08/2021
AQ KhanvPunjab
Mylahore Tabs BvRajpoot
Wakefield StarsvMylahore Tabs A
Central LeedsvKhan 2nd XI
Heaton ParkvFriends
Week 21Sunday05/09/2021
Heaton ParkvAQ Khan
FriendsvKhan 2nd XI
Wakefield StarsvCentral Leeds
Mylahore Tabs AvRajpoot
PunjabvMylahore Tabs B
Week 22Sunday12/09/2021
AQ KhanvFriends
Central LeedsvHeaton Park
Khan 2nd XIvMylahore Tabs A
Mylahore Tabs BvWakefield Stars
Week 23Sunday19/09/2021
Play Off’s
Star 1st Position
Star 2nd Position
Crescent 1st Position
Crescent 2nd Position
Week 24

Crescent 2nd Position
Crescent 1st Position


Star 1st Position
Star 2nd Position

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