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Season to start on Sunday, 19th July

Following on from the previous post the ECB published the three stage plan as predicted and we now can present to our member clubs who are encouraged to consult with the players to decide on the format of the Sunday game. The fundamental of our plan is the well being of our players and umpires and the league has ordered the following supplies as part of its strategy to minimise risk:

  • Large size stock of wipes for all clubs to use during the season to clean the cricket ball every 6 overs (20 minutes) to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading
  • Face mask for all umpires
  • Latex gloves for all umpires
COVID 19 plan
COVID 19 plan

Some of the changes to the way the game is organised or played

  • Home clubs are encouraged to take a supply of soap bar for players to was their hands or use a hand sanitiser during play regularly through the game.
  • All clubs are responsible to check with players for any symptoms over 14 days before selecting for team.
  • Any player showing signs of the symptoms will be asked to remove themselves from the field of play and asked to isolate and arrange or request a test. If positive the club must inform the league.
  • Members clubs will be provided with a team sheet to assist with tracing, all people present will need to be logged.
  • No more than 30 individual (players, umpires, scorer, spectators and volunteers) are allowed at any games, do not bring young or vulnerable adults to the game.
  • All players to maintain 2 metre social distancing when at the game and strictly adhere to the instruction of the venue.
  • If using a score box only one scorer is allowed, otherwise scorers must maintain social distancing.
  • Players must not share equipment
  • No sweat or saliva to be used on the cricket ball, umpires will enforce the MCC rules 41.3  The match ball – changing its condition
  • Cricket Ball must be returned directly to the bowler and not past around to players
  • At the end of the over ball must be left near near the bowling side stumps and NOT handed to umpire
  • Bowler must NOT to hand anything to umpires (including cap and jumper etc)
  • Batters must maintain 2 metre social distancing when running between stumps


Previously the league committee presented 3 different proposal for the format of the game but due to a key aspect of the 3 stage plan, which now requires for the game to have a hygiene break every 6 over (or 20 minutes) it will not be possible to play more than one game per day and it will also not be possible to play the league constituted overs unless we start early in the day.

After several suggestions the committee agreed to present two options to member clubs who are encouraged would consult with their players and confirm which format they agree to play from Sunday, 19th July 2020:

  • 35 overs (7 overs per bowler)
  • 40 Overs (8 overs per bowler)

The fixtures will be updated once the members clubs agree to the number of overs.

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