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Season 2021 Player Registration GOES Live

As a continuous development of the league in line with it’s mission statement to improve the club’s approach to governance the league as made available its player registration system for season 2021. We encourage member clubs to sign up their new player members in readiness for the forthcoming season.

18 new player registrations have already been completed for approval by the league Executive Results and Registration Officer.

As we have 5 new member clubs we have provided extract from the leagues constitution for information.

League Constitution – Player Registration and Transfer

Registration of Players. Registration of players will only be accepted on league website online registration system. An unlimited number of players may be registered by a member club, however, if the member club has more than 50 players registered in any particular season a charge of £1.00 will apply for each player thereafter.

A current passport size photograph or electronic image must be uploaded on to the online system for each player application (unless the registration is relating to a transfer or the player is a minor under 18)). Online system registration will not be accepted unless a player photograph is uploaded.

When a player registration has been approved by the league the player photograph and their details, including date of registration will be uploaded to the appropriate member club webpage to confirm registration.

Member club shall keep a written record of all outstanding obligations of their members of the club and shall be the responsibility of the member club to obtain acknowledgement in writing of that obligation from the player concerned.

Any person(s) who has played first class competitive mens or women cricket (Excludes inclusion cricket), which shall include T20 internationals, ODI internationals and Test matches, within five years of application will be classed as a professional & shall not be eligible to register with any member club. Any players participating in current season in an YCB/ECB affiliated league that is named as an overseas (overseas category) player in the leagues handbook or website will also not be eligible to register with any member club. Any domestic first class cricket who has played 3 or less first class games will be allowed to register with a member club.

Transfer. No player shall play for more than one club, unless he receives a transfer from his former club. A player, who has not fulfilled his financial obligations to his former club, shall not be allowed to play for his new club until he does so. This applies only to the previous & current season. To restrict an upper limit of outstanding financial obligation made by the former member club an amount of £80.00 will apply which could include, club subscription, clothing and equipment. Evidence must be provided by the former member club to justify the outstanding obligations

Transfer will only be accepted on the league online registration system or in the case of other Sunday cricket league (excluding Dewsbury and District) a YCB transfer form must be completed and should be signed or approval obtained by email/text by one or both secretaries of the clubs involved and the player.

If the transfer is refused then the holding club must outline reason(s) for not allowing the transfer to take place within 7 days of the request to the league. If the club fails to provide reason(s) for the objection within the timescale the transfer will be allowed to take place, this also applies to clubs not member of the league. The player will not be able to participate during the 7 days period.  Both the holding club and the player will be informed in writing of the decision by the disciplinary panel.  If the matter goes to appeal then the player will not participate in any games until the outcome of the appeal.

A maximum of 2 players will be allowed to be transferred from Club A to Club B over the course of the season.  This limit also applies if a player goes to an intermediate club from club A, before going on to register to Club B.

In the event a player misinforms the member club regarding his previous registration history the disciplinary panel will take appropriate action against club and the individual.

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