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Quaid e Azam Premier Cricket League secure historic victory at T20 Charity Challenge match

The game lived up to its expectation with a massive 500+ crowd at the ground and 100+ watching the live streaming, it certainly produced the fireworks. We wish to thank all those that contributed to the main cause of the match which was to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer. The sales of food and drinks totalled £215.00 which was all donated to Yorkshire Cancer and £180.00 cash collection by Andy and his colleague from Yorkshire Cancer. We thank Whiterose Direct for sponsoring the cricket ball and live streaming and Kashmiri Aroma for the donation of the food. A big thank you to Paul Cummins, YCB, Director of Recreational Cricket for supporting the event.

Whiterose and Kashmiri

The Quaid e Azam Premier Cricket League XI won an entertaining T20 Charity Challenge match at Park Avenue by five wickets with nine balls to spare against the Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League XI.

A crowd of around 500 saw Vikas Dixit deliver the killer blows when he hit successive deliveries from Usman Arshad which took his side past their opponents’ score of 165-5.

Dixit of Bhalot Strikers finished as his side’s top scorer with 36 not out and was partnered by Whiterose CC and Jer Lane’s Cosmond Walters (21no) in the closing stages.

It was the positive intent of all the Quaid e Azam batsmen which proved crucial. The tone was set by their openers Danish Hussain (34) and Shoukat Ali (27) who put on 63 in the first six overs.

Danish Hussain
Danish Hussain (34) Bhalot Strikers CC
Shoukat Ali Heaton Park 61 runs
Shoukat Ali (27) Heaton Park CC
Dixit Vihas, Bhalot CC 166 not out
Vikas Dixit, Bhalot CC 37 not out
Abdul Wahid Kashmir 56 not out
Abdul Wahid, Kashmir (27)

Kashmir’s and Townville’s Abdul Wahid (27) made useful runs before a flurry of wickets saw the BPL side offered a chink of light as the score slipped to 126-5.

Dixit, who started quietly, and Walters took control of the situation as Brad Schmulian used nine different bowlers.

The Bradford Premier League innings was dominated by New Farnley’s Steve Bullen. Coming to the wicket after the early loss of Callum Geldart, Bullen made 88 from 57 balls. He struck four sixes plus nine fours and was the one batter to dominate the Quaid e Azam bowling.

Skipper Brad Schmulian (22) was the next top scorer which was due to insufficient acceleration in the later stages of the innings as the Quaid e Azam bowlers performed well.

Charity match Team photo
Charity Match Team Photograph with match officials

After the match league chair Bill Holmes said: “It was an excellent game of cricket played in exactly the right spirit. Congratulations to the Quaid e Azam League for their win and thank you to everybody who supported the event.

“I am totally supportive of this becoming and annual event. It has been good to work with the Quaid e Azam Premier League on this initial fixture and judging by the numbers of people who turned up at Park Avenue this is exactly the type of event to bring the cricketing community together.”

Play cricket results
Brad Schmulianb Sanaullah Khan222030110.00
Callum John Geldartc Cosmond Walters Waltersb Cosmond Walters Walters8720114.29
Steven Bullenb Mustafa Rafique885794154.39
James Leec Yasir Alib Sam Wisniewski161420114.29
Thomas Cleec Yasir Alib Sam Wisniewski580062.50
Usman Arshadnot out680075.00
Conor Harveynot out9601150.00
Joe Pocklingtondid not bat
Adam Ahmeddid not bat
Alex Lilleydid not bat
Kez Ahmeddid not bat
Charlie Parkerdid not bat
EXTRAS: 11 (11w )       Total: 165 ( 20 Overs, 5 Wickets )

Fall of Wickets

18-1  Callum John Geldart (Brad Schmulian-9*); 53-2  Brad Schmulian (Steven Bullen-21*); 114-3  James Lee (Steven Bullen-64*); 129-4  Thomas Clee (Steven Bullen-72*); 148-5  Steven Bullen (Usman Arshad-3*); 
* not out batter

Cosmond Walters30231007.67
Yasir Ali30270209.00
Muhammed Amir40290207.25
Sanaullah Khan30291209.67
Sam Wisniewski40282007.00
Mustafa Rafique30291509.67

FIELDING EXTRA RUNS: 0     NON-BOWLER WICKETS: 0     TOTALS: Overs: 20, Maidens: 0, Runs: 165, Wickets: 5, Wides: 11, No Balls: 0

Danish Hussainb James Lee342442141.67
Shoukat Alib Brad Schmulian271441192.86
Vikas Dixitnot out363622100.00
Abdul Wahidb Kez Ahmed271503180.00
Waleed Akhtarb Charlie Parker8810100.00
Yasir Alilbwb Joe Pocklington3300100.00
Cosmond Walters Waltersnot out211121190.91
Sam Wisniewskidid not bat
Muhammed Amirdid not bat
Shahban Raheemdid not bat
Sanaullah Khandid not bat
Mustafa Rafiquedid not bat
EXTRAS: 13 (5lb, 8w )       Total: 169 ( 18.3 Overs, 5 Wickets )

Fall of Wickets

63-1  S Ali (D Hussain-34*); 69-2  D Hussain (V Dixit-6*); 105-3  Abdul Wahid (V Dixit-15*); 116-4  W Akhtar (V Dixit-16*); 126-5  Yasir Ali (V Dixit-18*); 
* not out batter

Charlie Parker20181309.00
Conor Harvey202400012.00
Alex Lilley101200012.00
Brad Schmulian30121004.00
Joe Pocklington30241208.00
James Lee20121006.00
Adam Ahmed30250108.33
Kez Ahmed101610016.00
Usman Arshad1.302102014.00

FIELDING EXTRA RUNS: 5     NON-BOWLER WICKETS: 0     TOTALS: Overs: 18.3, Maidens: 0, Runs: 169, Wickets: 5, Wides: 8, No Balls: 0

Match Officials

Umpires: Steve Dobson, Howard Taylor

Scorers: Judith Wragg, Asif Jawed

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