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Pre-Season Important Information


All players must arrive at the ground changed in the cricket gear as access to changing rooms is not recommended due to the current restriction.

Team Sheet

Team sheet with the list of players and their contact numbers must be completed before the teams toss and kept my the captain in accordance to the advise provided on them.

The Toss

The two captains and at least six of his registered players must be present for the toss of the coin to take place at 15 minutes before the start time. In the event of a captain and at least six players not being present the team will be deemed to have lost the toss. In the case where both teams are late they will be required to toss before they take to the field.

Start Time

All league and cup matches must start at 1.30pm except for games in April & September when the start time is 1.00pm

Cricket Ball

A new Readers Sovereign cricket ball must be used for each game, any second balls used in any match must also be the league approved Readers Sovereign cricket balls. For new teams in the league any second ball provided to the umpire must be their requirements.

Umpires Fees

Both teams will be responsible for the payment of umpire’s fee.

Two umpires present at game – £35.00 each umpire each club

One umpire present at game – £50.00 (£25.00 each club)

For a match not played due to weather conditions the umpire’s expense fee – £10.00 per umpire (or £5.00 per team if only one umpire is present).

If any appointed umpire has to travel outside his normal postcode he will be reimbursed by a further payment of £5.00 by the home team (unless the transport has been arranged by the Home team).

Player Arriving Late

If a player arrives after 30 minutes from the official start time of the game he will not be eligible to participate in the game as a player or a substitute. Both the umpires and the opposing captain must be informed if a player is expected to arrive late.

Number of Overs

Due to current restriction and the month of Ramadan each inning will consist of a maximum over as follows:

35 overs : 18th April – 9th May (including cup fixture) 7 maximum over per bowler

40 Overs : 16th May – 20th June (including cup fixtures) 8 maximum overs per bowler

45 Overs : 27th June (all fixtures) 9 maximum over per bowler

Field Restriction (Only applies to Premier Section games)

Fielding restrictions will apply as follows:

0 – 10 Overs : 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

11 – 25 Overs : 4 Fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

26 – 35 Overs : 5 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

Points System – Season 2021

Win – 10 points

Loss – 0 points

Tie – 8 points (same number of runs and wickets)

Rained off – 6 points

Bonus points (Batting and bowling)

Bonus PointsBatting – RunsBowling – Wicket
Bonus points (Batting and bowling)

Bonus Point System – Team batting second

Wicket lost0-99100-119120-139140-159160+
Bonus Point System – Team batting second


Match 1 – Team A wins by 10 runs

Team A – 164 : all out (10 points for win, 5 batting points, 5 bowling points), Team B : 154 all out (0 point for losing, 5 point for bowling out team A during first innings, 4 points for scoring 154 and losing all wickets).

Match 2 – Team B wins by 5 wickets

Team A – 159 all out (0 points for winning, 4 batting points, 2 bowling points)
Team B – 160 for 5 (10 points for winning, 5 bowling points, 5 batting points)

Match 3 – Both teams level on runs and wickets – 164 all out

Team A – 164 all out (8 points for tie, 5 batting out, 5 bowling points)
Team B – 164 all out (8 points for tie, 5 bowling points, 5 batting points)

Match results and Scoresheet

Both teams to inform the Executive Results and Registration Officer of match results on the same day by 8.30pm using the League Whatsapp Results Group. Any club failing to do the above will be fined £3.00.

All scoresheets should be fully completed giving full names of players. Any club failing to complete the scoresheets will be fined £5.00. Both teams are responsible for emailing the electronic format (excel) scoresheets to the league. Completed scoresheets must reach the Executive Results and Registration Officer no later than the 3 day after the match (by Wednesday).

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