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Player Registration breach

A number of our member clubs have been in touch with the committee members highlighting that a very small number of players have either registered in both Quaid e Azam Leagues or played unregistered in the Quaid e Azam Sunday Cricket League.

It is important to remind members clubs and their players that both leagues are YCB/ECB affiliated, if a player wishes to register in either of the leagues and has played for a club in either of the league this year or last year they are required to complete the YCB transfer form if they wish to move from a club in Quaid e Azam Sunday Cricket League to our league. This also applies if a players wishes to move to a club in the Quaid e Azam Sunday Cricket League. The transfer deadline of the 30th June applies to club to club transfer within the Quaid e Azam Premier Cricket League and not League to League player transfer using the YCB transfer form which has no deadline.

As you would not do in affiliated Saturday leagues, a player can not be registers in two affiliated Sunday leagues at the same time, players found to have breached our registration agreement statement may be banned from all cricket (includes affiliated Saturday and midweek leagues) for a period decided by the Independent Disciplinary Panel.

Member clubs and their players are accountable for their actions, please respect the constitution of both leagues and follow the rules.

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