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New league structure Season 2023

With only two more fixtures to play in the league fixtures we would like to remind all clubs in Crescent, Jinnah and Star Section the impact of their table position for current season for season 2023 as agreed at the league AGM. The below will inform clubs what to play for in the final two fixtures.

Season 2023 three tier structure will be as follows:

– No change to Premier Section, but the teams relegated at the end of Season 2022 will both go down to the Crescent Section.

– Crescent will be the 2nd section, excluding the two relegated teams, 8 teams will join the Crescent section in Season 2023. The 8 teams will be as following – the remaining 4 teams in the play offs, plus all the teams in third position (3 teams) and the 8th place will go the team with the highest points in 4th place of any section.

– Jinnah Section will be the 3rd Section, remaining 2 teams in position 4, all teams in position 5 & 6 and two with the highest points out of three in position 7 will join Jinnah Section.

– The Star Section which will be the 4th section which will be made up of the remaining 7th place teams, all three 8th position teams and the 9th position team plus all new applications.

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