Club Registration and New League Structure – Season 2023

As we approach the new year the preparation for season 2023 begins next Sunday,1st January 2023.

  • Clubs will have access to the online club registration form for season 2023 – the propose of the form is for clubs to register their club name, secretary and ground details for the purpose of the handbooks and the league website. The form also allows clubs to confirm their ground availability dates and if they share the ground with another club.
  • The form must be completed by Sunday, 22nd January 2023.
  • League fixtures will be uploaded on Sunday, 29th January 2023.
  • The pre-season meeting will take place on the 4th April 2023.
  • The season will start on the 23rd April 2023.

Following on from the EGM the league structure has now been agreed as follows:

Premier Section – Season 2023
Kashmir (Dewsbury) CC – 1st XI
Bhalot Strikers CC – 1st XI
AK Eagles CC – 1st XI
White Rose CC – 1st XI
Karmand CC – 1st XI
Rising Stars CC – 1st XI
Darulshafa CC – 1st XI
Bradford Moor YCA – 1st XI
Heaton Park CC – 1st XI
Great Horton Sports CC – 1st XI

Crescent Section is now the 2nd tier section of the league and each team will play 18 league matches during season 2023 and the 10 Premier Section plus the two relegated teams and the remaining four play off teams all qualify for the LSD Cup competition. The remaining four teams (Subhan CC, Nathia CC, Tabs CC and Kings XI Lahore) in the Crescent Section would qualify for the Shield competition in season 2023.

Crescent Section – Teams Season 2023Table Standing in Season 2022
Rajput CC – 1st XIRelegated from Premier Section
Diamond CC – 1st XIRelegated from Premier Section
Punjab CC – 1st XIPlay offs
Scouthill CC – 1st XIPlay offs
Leeds Stallions CC – 1st XIPlay offs
Yorkshire Lions CC – 1st XIPlay offs
Subhan CC – 1st XI3rd
Nathia United CC – 1st XI3rd
TABS CC – 1st XI3rd
Kings XI Lahore CC – 1st XI4th highest points

As agreed at the EGM held on the 21st December, Jinnah and Star Section will remain as a pyramid structure and the two teams at the top of the table for each section in season 2023 will gain promotion into Crescent Section. Both teams will play a final game at the end of the season to claim the championship title. All the teams in both sections qualify for the Shield competition along with the 4 teams from Crescent section.

Season 2023 SectionTEAM2022 Points
(league matches only)
 Jinnah SectionKhan CC, QEA – 1st XI184
 Star SectionFriends CC, Yorkshire – 1st XI172
 Jinnah SectionCentral Leeds CC – 1st XI169
  Star SectionNorthcliffe CC – A168
 Jinnah SectionCricademia Academy – 1st XI164
  Star SectionIndus Bradford CC – 1st XI149
 Jinnah SectionNorthcliffe CC – B149
  Star SectionCAX XI CC – 1st XI148
 Jinnah SectionWakefield Stars CC – 1st XI130
  Star SectionA.M.Y North East CC – 1st XI116
 Jinnah SectionAQ Khan CC – 1st XI95
  Star SectionBradford United CC – 1st XI68
 Jinnah SectionChach CC – 1st XI65
  Star SectionGhourGhoushti (GXI) CC1st
 Jinnah SectionKrass Eagles CC2nd

Final Pyramid Structure for both sections based on table standing at end of league matches in season 2022 and new club membership.

 Jinnah Section – Season 20232022 Points
(League Matches Only)
 Star Section – Season 20232022 Points
(League Matches Only)
1Khan CC, QEA – 1st XI1841Friends CC, Yorkshire – 1st XI172
2Central Leeds CC – 1st XI1692Northcliffe CC – A  – 1st X168
3Cricademia Academy – 1st XI1643Indus Bradford CC – 1st XI149
4Northcliffe CC – B  – 1st X1494CAX XI CC – 1st XI148
5Wakefield Stars CC – 1st XI1305A.M.Y North East CC – 1st XI116
6AQ Khan CC – 1st XI956Bradford United CC – 1st XI68
7Chach CC – 1st XI657GhourGhoushti (GXI) CC – 1st XINew Club
8Krass Eagles CC  – 1st XNew Club
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