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Match Report – 7th May 2023

Start Time

The start time for all league and cup matches now changes to 1.00pm from the 7th May 2023. The toss must take place no later than 12.45pm as long as both teams are present (minimum of 7 players) and ready to take to the field of play.

Fielding Restrictions

The 30 yard inner circle with field restriction with apply for all  league and cup matches.

First 10 overs – 2 fielders out

last 10 overs – 5 fielders out

Only 4 fielders out in between the first 10 and the last 10 overs.

So if the match is rain affected and over are reduced the restriction only changes of the number of over between the first and last ten. eg if the match is reduced to 35 overs the field side can have 2 fielders out from over number 1 – 10, then 4 fielders out from over number 11 – 25 and finally 5 fielders out for over number 26 – 35.

Rain Affected match

Any games not started due to weather and/or ground condition, the match will be reduced by one over for every 3minutes (after the first 15 minutes).  If the match has not started by 3.00pm or the team batting first has not played at least 25 overs in their allocated time of 3 hours from 1.00pm then the match will be deemed to be abandoned by the umpire and appropriate points will be awarded.

Any games interrupted in the first half of the match by weather, the match will be reduced as per
rule 14b.  The team batting second will be allocated the same number of overs as the first team regardless of any further interruption due to rain.  The game will continue until the light is judged to be satisfactory by the umpire.

Point and Bonus System

Win – 10 points, Tie – 8 points and rained off – 6 points

Points Tables 1

Match Report

Last years champions, Kashmir were defeated again and have lost two out of their three games. They also had the same start last year, this time against Whiterose at Park Avenue by 7 wickets. Bhalot motor on with their third consecutive win, this time against Darulshafa who also last years champions Kashmir. Bhalot hit the highest innings score of 305 and bowled Darulshafa out for 68 runs, Aire Wharfe’s rearrange Coronation day fixture may have had a big part in Darulshafa defeat. AK Eagles had a comfortable win at Spen Victoria against Karmand, AK Eagles batted first and scored 176 and in return they bowled Karmand out for 104. Heaton Park secured their first win of the Premier Section as they beat Bradford Moor by 98 runs. Great Horton secured maximum points as they beat Rising Star by 4 wickets and moved into 4th place.

The Crescent Section remains very tight as the top 8 clubs only have a gap of 22 points. Subhan move to the top of the table as they secured a win over Kings XI Lahore by 4 wickets. The tightly fought game in the group was between Nathia and Diamonds, Nathia were bowled out in the 34 over for just 148 runs. Diamond fell just 5 runs short of a victory in the last over of the game. The local derby between Nafees and Scouthill, reduced to 35 overs was won by Nafees who elected to bat first and scored 164. They bowled Scouthill in the 22nd over for just 80 runs. At a very difficult ground condition Tabs beat Rajput by 27 runs. The game at Garforth between Leeds Stallions and Yorkshire Lions was one of three games called off due to waterlogged pitch.

The Jinnah Section is also very tight with the top five only have 13 points between them. Khan had a convincing victory over Chach by 107 runs and move to the top of the table, Bradford Riders had a narrow win as they beat new comers Mirpur Royals by just 3 runs. Central Leeds beat Wakefield Stars by 24 runs.

The rivalry match between CAX XI and Northcliffe was a very interesting match, Northcliffe were bowled out for 110 in the 33rd over, CAX XI chased the score in just 8.3 overs, probably the quickest win in the leagues history and the quickest century. The other game complete in the Star Section was a tie between Indus Bradford and AMYA North East, both teams score and lost all wickets for 77 runs.

The group match between AQ Khan vs Ghourghushti XI and Friends vs Bradford United were both washed out.

Individual Performances

Sajid Ali Khan CC 7 wickets 7 runs included a hattrick
Sajid Ali, Khan CC – 7 wickets 7 runs included a hattrick
Mortimer Fraser CAX XI CC 100 not out
Mortimer Fraser, CAX XI CC – 100 not out
Ehsan Maqbool CAX XI CC 7 wickets for 22 runs
Ehsan Maqbool, CAX XI CC – 7 wickets for 22 runs
Muhammad Ayaz Indus Bradford 4 wickets for 25 runs
Muhammad Ayaz, Indus Bradford – 4 wickets for 25 runs
Syed Ahsan Ali Shah Northcliffe CC 56 Runs
Syed Ahsan Ali Shah, Northcliffe CC – 56 Runs
Omar Malik AMYA North East 4 for 17 wickets
Omar Malik, AMYA North East CC – 4 for 17 wickets
Shoukat Ali Heaton Park 76 runs
Shoukat Ali, Heaton Park – 76 runs
Majid Hussain Heaton Park CC 4 wickets for 11 runs
Majid Hussain, Heaton Park CC – 4 wickets for 11 runs
Danish Hussain Bhalot CC 50 runs
Danish Hussain, Bhalot CC – 50 runs
Parvais Khan Bhalot 4 wickets for 17 runs
Parvais Khan, Bhalot CC – 4 wickets for 17 runs
Adal Islam Darulshafa CC 4 for 32 runs
Adal Islam, Darulshafa CC – 4 for 32 runs
Zahid Khan TABS CC 4 wickets for 11 runs
Zahid Khan, TABS CC – 4 wickets for 11 runs
Dixit Vihas Bhalot CC 77 runs
Dixit Vihas, Bhalot CC – 77 runs
Banaras Hussain Nathia United CC 4 for 30 runs
Banaras Hussain, Nathia United CC – 4 for 30 runs
Fahid Rehman Bhalot 45 runs
Fahid Rehman, Bhalot CC – 45 runs
Abrar Bradford Riders 4 for 25 runs
Abrar, Bradford Riders CC – 4 for 25 runs
Azad Arif Mirpur Royals 4 for 31 runs
Azad Arif, Mirpur Royals CC – 4 for 31 runs

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