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Match Report – 29th August 2021

Subhan beat Bradford Moor to give them a chance to avoid relegation but it does require them to win their next two games against Karmand and Bhalot whilst Bradford Moor need to only win one of their game against Bhalot and Whiterose to avoid relegation, however if both teams lose both matches Bradford Moor will remain in the Premier Section. The top three maintained their position in the Premier Section but the forth place is still up for grabs as both Karmand and Darulshafa secured maximum points and leaped over Diamond and AK Eagles who both lost today.

The second place in the Crescent Section remain tight as both teams won today, Kings XI Lahore extended their lead by 4 points as they secured maximum points and Scouthill only managed 16 points whilst the forth place is currently contested by Northcliffe and Yorkshire Lions. Both played today and Yorkshire Lions beat Northcliffe by 38 runs to have chance to qualify for The hundred competition next year. Amaan secured their second win of the season as they beat mid tables Kings XI at Garforth CC.

In the Star Section the top four qualifier seem to be confirmed whilst Punjab qualify for the play off as they secured 19 points against AQ Khan today at Woodhouse CC. Heaton Park beat Friends as they secured maximum points to keep the pressure on Rajpoot for the second play off place. Rajpoot remain the favourite for the 2nd place but need to win both games to secure their place. Wakefield Stars scored the second highest total and secured maximum points to keep them in forth place to qualify for the The Hundred competition next season.

Highest Innings score – Karmand CC : 230-9

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Premier Section : Amir Ayub, Karmand CC – 107 runs

Highest Individual Bowling – Premier Section : Khaleel Ahmed, Kashmir CC – 4 for 19 runs

Kaleel Ahmed

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Crescent Section : Alam Shah, Kings XI Lahore CC – 92 runs

Alam Shah Kings XI Lahore 92

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Star Section : Saqlain Shah, Kings XI Lahore – 5 -30 runs

Saqlain shah Kings XI Lahore 5 for 30 runs

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Star Section : Haaris Hussain, Heaton Park CC – 90 not out

Haaris Hussain Heaton Park 90 not out

Best Individual Bowling – Star Section : Ahsan Ali Shan, Rajpoot CC – 5 for 11 runs

Ahsan ali Shan Rajpoot 5 wkts

Other Performances

Amjad ali Wakefield Stars 54 not out
Amjad Ali, Wakefield Stars – 54 not out
Hazrat Abbas Kings XI Lahore 4 for 26 runs
Hazrat Abbas, Kings XI Lahore – 4 for 26 runs
Ibrar Haidar Friends 52 runs
Ibrar Haidar, Friends CC – 52 runs
Luqman minhas Wakefield Stars 88 Runs
Luqman Minhas, Wakefield Stars – 88 Runs
Messum Nisar Amaan 64 runs
Messum Nisar, Amaan CC – 64 runs
Parth Naik Yorkshire Lions 75 not out
Parth Naik, Yorkshire Lions CC – 75 not out
Salamat hussain Rising Star 4 wickets
Salamat Hussain, Scouthill CC – 4 for 19 wickets
Tanzeel khan Amaan 4 for 19
Tanzeel Khan, Amaan CC – 4 for 19 runs
Uman Hussain Heaton Park 55 5 26
Uman Hussain, Heaton Park CC – 55 runs and 5 for 26 runs

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