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Match Report – 27th June 2021

As the league reaches mid season the league tables remain pretty much open after a few interesting results in today’s fixture.

The big upset of the day has to be the match between Whiterose and Bradford Moor, Whiterose bowled Bradford Moor out for just 119 at Park Avenue which should have been a walk in the park for Whiterose but Bradford Moor had other plans with some exceptional bowling Whiterose were all bowled out for just 62 runs and now puts them trailing behind the league leaders Kashmir by 29 points who beat Khan 1st XI at Allerton Bywater by 129 and maintained a clean sheet going into the second phase of the season and 7 points behind second place Bhalot who beat Subhan by 32 runs. Diamond had a comfortable win over AK Eagles at Spen Victoria as they beat them by 55 runs but dropped 1 points as AK Eagles managed to retain their 10th wickets. At this stage the table is split between the top three chasing championship and the top four places whilst the remaining 7 teams are in the relegation zone of which at least one will make the top four to qualify for the champions cup in season 2022.

In the Crescent section Rising Star and Kings XI Lahore maintained their dominate position at the top of the table as they both won today, Rising Star beat Yorkshire Lions by 96 to extended their lead at the top of the table by 6 points above second place Kings XI Lahore who also won as they beat Amaan by just 18 runs. Third place Scouthill had a easy win over Leeds Stallion at East Keswick as they won by 81 runs. Indus had a very close win over Nathia United as they won by just 9 runs at Jinnah Arena, whilst Kings XI beat Northcliffe by 36 runs to move them out of the bottom of the table.

In the Star Section, Rajpoot lost their first game of the season to Punjab who now moved to the top of the table, Rajpoot were all bowled out for just 137 following 16 runs short of Punjab’s target. Wakefield Star also won to keep their chances alive for the play offs, with Heaton Park in close 4th position just 12 points behind them. Heaton Park beat Central Leeds by 4 wickets at Rawdon Meadows whilst AQ Khan and Mylahore Tabs A both had easy win sovers their respective opposition.

Highest Innings score – Diamond CC : 257 for 7

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Premier Section : Ibrar (109), Kashmir CC

Ibrar Latif 109 runs Kashmir

Highest Individual Bowling – Premier Section Nadeem Safdar 5 wicket for 21 Runs, Darulshafa CC

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Crescent Section : Qudrat Azizi, Rising Star CC – 100 runs of just 28 balls

Qudrat Azizi 100 for 28 balls Rising Star

Best Individual Bowling – Crescent Section : Zahoor Hussain, Kings XI CC – 6 for 13

Zahoor Hussain

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Star Section : Uwais Mehmood 55, Mylahore Tabs B CC – 55

Uwais mehmood 4 16 also 55 runs Mylahore Tabs B

Best Individual Bowling – Star Section : Anas Imtiaz, AQ Khan CC – 5 for 37 runs

Anas imtiaz AQ Khan 5 wickets and 48 no runs

Other performances

Adnan Sayed 51 runs Kings XI Lahore
Adnan Sayed (51 runs) Kings XI Lahore
Awaise Matloub 5 for 24 Nathia United
Awaise Matloub (5 for 24) Nathia United
Hafiz waqar 50 runs Kings XI Lahore
Hafiz Waqar (50 runs) Kings XI Lahore
Hasnat Yusaf 74 runs Kashmir
Hasnat Yusaf (74 runs) Kashmir
Jabbar ahmed 51 out Nathia United
Jabbar Ahmed (51 not out) Nathia United
Sajid Malik 45 Runs 4 11 Wickets MyLahore TABS A
Sajid Malik (45 Runs) and (4 for 11 Wickets) – MyLahore Tabs A
Salamat Hussain 4 wickets
Salamat Hussain (4 wickets) – Scouthill CC
Tahir Raza 51 Runs Scouthill
Tahir Raza (51 Runs) Scouthill CC
Tanzeel khan 51 not out Amaan
Tanzeel Khan (51 not out) – Amaan CC
Tawakal Zadran 4 for 48 Rising Star
Tawakal Zadran (4 for 48) – Rising Star
Umar Farooq 4 34 Leeds Stallions
Umar Farooq (4 for 34) – Leeds Stallions CC
Urfan Asghar 42 runs Kings XI
Urfan Asghar (42 runs) – Kings XI

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