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Match Report – 24th April 2022

The Premier Section results compared to previous seasons have been unexpected as AK Eagles remains the only team to maintain a 100% record with Whiterose in close second place who drop 1 points. The rest of the the teams have lost one of their first two fixtures with Bradford Moor, Darulshafa and Diamond losing both of their games.

Both Cricademia and Leeds stallions remain unbeaten in the Crescent Section with mix results for the rest of the team in the section.

Jinnah Section also has a similar pattern to the Premier Section, Great Horton Sports maintains a 100% record with Heaton Park in close second place who drop 2 points in their first fixture. Both Mylahore Tabs A and Khan have lost their first two fixtures with the remaining teams who have lost one of their two fixtures.

The Star Section bucks the trend as top four secured their second win of the session, whilst the bottom four lost both the opening games.

Amjad Ali Wakefield Stars 79 runs
Amjad Ali, Wakefield Stars – scored 79 runs
Wajid Hussain Kashmir CC scored unbeaten 108
Wajid Hussain, Kashmir CC – scored unbeaten 108
Tawakal Zadran Rising Stars Scored 98
Tawakal Zadran, Rising Stars – Scored 98 runs
Shokat Ali Heaton Park CC Scored 60 runs
Shoukat Ali, Heaton Park CC – Scored 60 runs
Muhammad Maan Northcliffe A CC 4 for 33 runs
Muhammad Maan, Northcliffe A CC – 4 wickets for 33 runs
Mohammed Saleem Mylahore Tabs A CC 50 runs
Muhammed Saleem, Mylahore Tabs A CC – Scored 50 runs
Jawad Akhtar Wakefield Stars 6 wickets for 6 runs
Jawad Akhtar, Wakefield Stars CC – 6 wickets for 6 runs
Ibrar Haider Friends CC scored 64 runs
Ibrar Haider, Friends CC – scored 64 runs
Abid Lodhi Indus Bradford Scored 65 runs
Abid Lodhi, Indus Bradford – Scored 65 runs

Eid ul Fitr (Monday 2nd May)

As agreed at the League’s AGM if Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha fall on a fixture day for most of the clubs, all the fixture would be cancelled and 6 points will be awarded to all teams.

A number of North African and Middle Eastern countries have already announced that they expect to celebrate (inshallah) Eid ul Fitr on Monday, 2nd May which would indicate that the Sunday fixtures will go ahead as planned and the Crescent Fixtures planned for the 2nd May are most likely to be cancelled and awarded 6 points. We will monitor the situation during this week and update club as soon as possible.

Player Registration

Most clubs have had a smooth transition to Play Cricket player registration system and between all the clubs we have over 1040 registered players with the league which will have a massive increase for ECB for Yorkshire Statistics, however the league needs a small number of clubs to review their player registration to ensure every players is included in the following drop down menus. The Play Cricket registration system does not work as it should when using a mobile phone, to get around this please hold your mobile phone side way and the menu with change to the way it looks on a computer so you can add the player to the squad and league registered player.

Key areas that club are missing when registering players are:

Ensure to add the player to your Squad by clicking on Squad Players and using the drop down change to active under role (status) and press save.

Screenshot 20220424 100159 Chrome

To register the player with the league, click on League Registered Players and press the blue ‘Apply’ and follow the instruction.

Screenshot 20220424 100433 Chrome

Select Category 1


Once you have selected Category 1 scroll down and press NEXT


In the next screen, if the player played for your club in previous seasons then choose ‘Existing Player’, otherwise for any new players you need to press on the ‘New Player Registration’


Once you have confirmed click on ‘nominate’

Nominate next

Finally, once you have clicked on nominate the system will take you back to the League Registered Players menu and it will confirm the player registration as ‘Pending’ until the league approves the application. You will receive an email confirming the approval.


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