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Match Report – 22nd August 2021

The forecast dampened some of the hopes at the top of the tables to extend their lead but the revised point system was certainly put to the test today and on reflection where matches started but did not finish the winning teams faired better particularly with the extension of the rain affected point system. We believe we have struck the right balance for fairness as we don’t have control of the weather and nor the ground facilities.

Player discipline has been good as we have gone 12 matches without a report but unfortunately as the competition comes to near the end so does the passion for winning but we must remind Captains and players a like that the league will not tolerate poor behaviour and if necessary appropriate action will be taken by the independent panel where a Captain fails to control their player(s) and also for players to maintain their positive discipline as they have demonstrated over the past three months. As a new league we thrive to support our umpiring officials and ensure to promote positive behaviour – play hard but within the ethos of good behaviour and sportsmanship.

Both games to complete in the Premier Section finished before the down pour in the late afternoon, Bhalot won by 9 wickets as they chased Khan 1st XI target of 81 runs, whilst the tie between Subhan and AK Eagles was won by AK Eagles to move them into the top four. Whilst in the Crescent section the two teams playing further towards the East of the county seemed to have faired better as the both completed their fixtures, both Scouthill and Kings XI beat their respective opposition. Scouthill now move in joint second place with Kings XI Lahore on equal points. If both teams remain on equal points at the end of the season the team with most outright wins or highest net run rate average will continue to the play off’s.

In the Star Section we also had two completed fixtures both involving the teams at the top half of the table, Heaton Park had a comfortable win over Wakefield Star as they secured a 8 wickets win whilst Rajput chased Friends target of 134 with the loss of just 1 wicket. Both sections are now down to the top three teams chasing the play off’s, which two teams will not make it to the play offs is anyone guess.

Highest Innings score – Whiterose CC: 130 for 7

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Premier Section : Mohsin Hussain, Whiterose CC – 54 runs

Highest Individual Bowling – Premier Section : Mohammad Naheem, Diamond CC – 4 for 9 runs

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Crescent Section : Ubaid Zia, Leeds Stallions CC – 110 runs

Ubaid Zia Leeds Stallions 110 runs

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Star Section : Ahsan Ali Shan, Rajpoot CC – 67 not out

Ahsan Ali Shan Rajpoot 67 not out

Best Individual Bowling – Star Section : Shoukat Ali, Heaton Park – 4 for 8 runs

Shoukat Ali Heaton Park 4 for 8 runs

Other Performances

Imran Shah Friends 55 runs
Imran Shah, Friends CC – 55 runs
Imran Rajpoot 52 runs
Imran Khan, Rajpoot CC – 52 runs
Kuldeep Rana Northcliffe 4 for 29
Kuldeep Rana, Northcliffe CC – 4 for 29
Mazafar hussan Nathia United 67 runs
Mazzafar Hussan, Nathia United CC – 67 runs
Mobeen Qureshi Rajpoot 4 for 24 runs
Mobeen Qureshi, Rajpoot CC – 4 for 24 runs
Nasir Mahmood Northcliffe 4 for 46
Nasir Mahmood, Northcliffe CC – 4 for 46
Raffiullah Khan Kings XI Lahore 69 runs
Raffiullah Khan, Kings XI Lahore – 69 runs
Salamat hussain Scouthill 45 not out
Salamat Hussain, Scouthill CC – 45 not out
Salman Sayed Kings XI Lahore 40 runs
Salman Sayed, Kings XI Lahore – 40 runs
Saqlain Shah Kings XI Lahore 57 runs
Saqlain Shah, Kings XI Lahore – 57 runs
Shahbaz Ishaq Heaton Park 4 for 14 runs
Shahbaz Ishaq, Heaton Park CC – 4 for 14 runs
Sohail Northcliffe CC 48 runs
M Sohail, Northcliffe CC – 48 runs
Zahid Khan Mylahore Tabs A 4 for 17 runs
Zahid Khan, Mylahore Tabs A – 4 for 17 runs

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