Match Report – 18th April 2021

We couldn’t ask for a better start to the season then today, with no indoor and very limited window of opportunity for outdoor practice todays games would have been with very little practice but as with the reputation of the league the innings scores didn’t impact the performance of the players. Four out of the five games played in the Premier Section scored over 200 runs in just 35 overs, whilst in Crescent Section we had two very closely contested games between Nathia United and Amaan both played their first fixture in the league, Nathia United sat last season out due to COVID and Scouthill who joined the league this year chased Kings XI score of 237 and secured a win by just 1 wicket. In the Star Section all games had above par score for 35 overs with an outstanding innings from Punjab who scored the highest innings score of the day and probably the season with 358 in their 35 overs averaging over 10 runs every over.

Highest Innings score – Punjab Cricket Club : 358 runs for loss of 9 wickets

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Premier Section : Abdul Wahid, Kashmir Cricket Club – 129 runs

Abdul Wahid

Highest Individual Batting Scores – Crescent Section : Akeel Khan, Kings XI Cricket Club – 80 runs

Mohammed Aqeel Khan

Highest Individual Scores – Star Section : Usman Shakir, Punjab Cricket Club – 61 runs

Best Bowling Figures – Premier Section : Azhar Mahmood, Bhalot Cricket Club – 5 for 29 runs

Best Bowling Figures – Crescent Section : Riffat Mahmood, Scouthill Cricket Club – 5 for 39 runs

Riffat Mehmood Kiani

Best Bowling Figures – Star Section : Ahsan Ali Shaan, Rajpoot Cricket Club – 7 for 14 runs

Ahsan Ali Shaan

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