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Leeds Sign Design(LSD) Semi Finals – Washout

All four teams were left frustrated as they were unable to complete their fixture today due to some areas of the region experiencing one month of rainfall in just a few hours. The game at Bankfoot between Kashmir and Darulshafa got start at 3.15pm reduced to 30 overs but was rain affected at the 15th over and eventually called off.

The teams are now planning to re-arrange the games during week commencing 12th July as the forecast of this week seem to predicted more of the same. Unsettled weather may persist throughout this week and later in the week there may be a few sunny and dry spells.

The rule all four clubs have to work to in order to re-arrange the Semi Final fixtures is as follows:

21c. If a result cannot be determined because of weather conditions on the specific date, the match shall be continued on the following available evenings/day. Where both teams cannot agree the match must be played over two evening before the next round. Failure to re-arrange the fixture may result in both teams being eliminated from the cup round.

Once the fixtures have been confirmed the League website, Facebook (Quaid-e-Azam-Premier-Cricket-League) and Instagram (quaideazampremiercricketleague) will be updated with details of when and where the matches will be played.

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