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Leeds Sign Design – Preliminary Round

Update – 17th May 2021


With only two fixtures completed and rain forecasted for most of this week it is likely to affect some of the games. To assist clubs and officials complete their fixtures the following steps must be applied:

  1. The number of overs must be agreed before the toss takes place, teams playing the re-arranged game late afternoon can play minimum of 20 over (if both teams agree), if both can not agree they will have to play minimum of 25 overs as per league constitution. Teams playing early afternoon can play more over if they agree.
  2. If the game can not commence due to waterlogged pitch or rain and the two teams are not able to re-arrange another date before the 23rd May 2021 then a bowl out must take placed at the end of the square or a turf wicket (if one is available)
  3. If rain interrupts the game at any stage and it is unlikely that the fixtures can be completed then a bowl out must take place.
  4. Bowl out will consist of :
  • Each team will field 5 ballers who will attempt to hit three stumps (incl Bails)
  • The team hitting the most number of stumps will be deemed as the winner through to the first round
  • If all 5 ballers from each team hits the stumps the next player (not from the previous 5) for each team will attempt to hit the stumps, the first team to strike the stumps in turn will be deemed the winner. If all 11 players hit the stumps then the the teams can continue until the first one misses the stumps’ taking their turn.

Other information information

  • Clubs must show their team sheet to the officials
  • A minimum of 7 players must be present at the toss
  • Umpires will be paid normal fee for the game after the first ball is bowled
  • Umpires will be paid £10.00 expenses if play is not possible and the result is decided by a bowl out
  • Umpires will not apply a reduction of overs during any stage of the game, the light will determine if the fixture can be completed.

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