Leeds Sign Design Cup – Rules and Qualification requirements

This weekend the member club will play the Preliminary Round of the Leeds Sign Design Cup on Bank Holiday Monday, there is not qualification requirement so member clubs will be able to play any registered member of their club. Cubs can also register new players by this Thursday who will also be allowed to play on both Sunday and Monday if they are selected.

Cup Match Rules

Each player playing in the quarter finals cup round should have played in one completed league game for the same club he is representing for the club to qualify, a player can only represent one club in each season and will be deemed cup tied if he then transfers to another club. For both the semi finals and final, players must have played in 2 completed league fixtures for the same club he is representing in the cup game to qualify.

All games will be played on the ground of the first drawn club in each pairing, except for the final which will be played on a neutral ground in coloured kit with an inner circle & field restrictions will apply.

If the total scores are level after both teams have completed their innings then the winner shall be decided on the team losing fewer wickets. If this is also the same then the winning team will be determined by a ball out. Each team will field 5 ballers who will attempt to hit three stumps. The team hitting the most number of stumps will be determined as the winner. If all 5 ballers hit the stumps the next player for each team will attempt to hit the
stumps, the first team to strike the stumps will be deemed the winner.

If a result cannot be determined because of weather conditions on the specific date, the match shall be continued on the following available evenings/day. Where both teams cannot agree the match must be played over two evening before the next round. Failure to re-arrange the fixture may result in both teams being eliminated from the cup round.

Umpires fee will be the same as for the league matches, both competing teams to share the expenses, except the final, where umpires will be paid by the league.

The cup shall be held by the winning team and shall be returned to the league secretary by 30th June.

Should any dispute occur that is not covered by the league rules, and MCC then the disciplinary panel decision will be final.

On the day of the league cup final any club or its members taking part in any competition that is not affiliated to YCB/ECB will be banned from taking part in the leagues cup competition for the following season. The length of the ban will be on the discretion of the disciplinary panel.

For all matches any ball which passes outside the batsman’s legs when the batsman is taking a normal stance shall be called by the umpire to be a wide ball.

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