Leeds Sign Design Cup Round Complete Washout

The anticipated forecast certainly came true as most fixtures were called of before the official start time, a few had travelled to the ground in the hope they could make a start but it wasn’t to be.

As covered previously the advise to member clubs is to agree a re-arranged fixture date before the next round which will take place on the 23rd May 2021.

The game can be re-arranged to be played as follows:

  • during one day (only if both clubs agree) consisting of a minimum of 25 overs, some fixtures have been arrange to start at 4.00 – 4.30pm to play 25 overs each so they can complete the game in one late afternoon.
  • If the clubs can not agree to play in one day then the match has to be played over two evenings and each club will bat each evening. Both team have to play the same eleven players overs the two evenings. Both clubs can agree play between 25 – 35 overs, if both teams can not agree the number of over they must play 35 overs.

If the re-arranged fixture is interrupted by weather and can not be fulfilled the teams will have to play a ball out.

Each team will field 5 ballers who will attempt to hit three stumps. The team hitting the most number of stumps will be determined as the winner. If all 5 ballers hit the stumps the next player for each team will attempt to hit the
stumps, the first team to strike the stumps on their equal turn will be deemed the winner.

Member clubs need to also inform the appointed umpires when they have agreed a re-arranged date. If the umpires are not available please contact Mohammed Nazir who will arrange alternative umpires.

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