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Leeds Sign Design Cup – Match Report

AQ Khan and Yorkshire Lions became the first teams in the leagues’ short history to play a bowl out to decide the outcome of their Preliminary round cup fixture as the relentless rain forced them to resort to this final option. AQ Khan beat Yorkshire Lions 3 – 0 in the bowl out to take them through to the first round which will take place this weekend.

The forecast doesn’t look promising and members clubs should also consider agreeing a reserve date of the bank holiday Monday if their games are unable to be played this coming weekend.

Eight other fixtures of the preliminary round also took place this week and most played T20 format to complete their fixture before the next round, Central Leeds scored the highest total of 159 for the loss of 5 wickets winning by just 16 runs against Scouthill to take them into the next round, just over half the runs were hit by Shazeb Afsar (84).

The surprise result of the week was that of Rising Stars playing against AK Eagles, Rising Star bowled AK Eagles for 88 runs and chased their score with the loss of just 4 wickets to take them through to the next round to play either Indus Bradford or Whiterose who play their fixture tomorrow (21/5/21) at Park Avenue along with Khan 1st XI who host Rajpoot at Jinnah Arena.

King XI played well against Karmand at Jinnah Arena, they set a target of 138 with the loss of 6 wickets but it wasn’t enough for them as Karmand chased the score in the penultimate over.

Rashid Ayub
Rashid Ayub

Leeds Stallions had a comfortable win over Khan 2nd XI to take them to next round away to Friends, can they make to the quarter finals in their first season or will Friends disappoint them.

The Premier Section fixture between Bradford Moor and Subhan was won by Bradford Moor who batted first and set target of 130 for the loss of 6 wickets, Subhan only managed 100 in their allocated overs with the loss of 8 wickets.

New comers Wakefield Stars also made it to the first round after beating Amaan also new to the league by 16 runs, whilst Diamond also made it to the next round with a 19 run win over Kings XI Lahore.

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