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League Update 2 – Player Registration

It’s been a busy preseason period for clubs to re-register all their players before the season started today with the support of committee members due to the new GDPR requirements. Between the clubs we have 1611 players registered between 34 clubs of which 111 are now without photographs which has been an outstanding effort from all involved and I wish to thank both clubs and committee members for agreeing and actioning this requirement to comply with the league’s constitution. Now that clubs are using the live scoring application we have noticed an issue and clubs will be sent a short training video to ensure this is addressed before the results are updated.

Club need to either re-register the remaining 111 or remove them from the club registration during this week. If clubs do not remove, the league will arrange for them to be removed.

The league is aware that some clubs have struggled to get permanent group even with the help of the committee members. We put a proposal forward to the Independent Disciplinary Panel on Thursday, 20th April 2023 who supported the change to the broken engagement ruling due to the current situation with cost of living. The broken engagement will apply for every time a club fails to play a league or cup game where the weather allows for the game to go ahead, the breach does not have to be consecutive.

1st broken engagement fine – £75.00
2nd broken engagement Fine – £100.00
3rd and any further broken engagement fines – £150.00

Match Report – 23rd April 2023

Although some of the low scoring games was due to the damp condition of the wickets we only had three games in all four sections washed out without a ball being balled which seemed possible after the spell of the rain in the early hours of Saturday.

In the Premier Section all the games were one sided, last year champions Kashmir CC were out played by AK Eagles who bowled them out for just 37 runs after they set a target of 181 whilst Darulshafa beat Karmand by 5 wickets. Whiterose scored the highest total (274) in their group and bowled Bradford Moor out for 137 whilst the newcomers to the section Great Horton Sports beat the other promoted team Heaton Park by 66 runs. Bhalot beat Rising Star by 108 runs to claim maximum points.

Two of the five games in the Crescent Section were of the three games rained off today. In the three remaining fixtures to complete Rajput relegated from the Premier Section beat Yorkshire Lions by 7 wickets whilst Kings XI Lahore beat Nafees by 3 wickets and the final fixture of Scouthill who bowled Leeds Stallion for just 26 runs after they had set a target of 201.

In the Jinnah Section all fixtures completed for the exception of the group match. Bradford Riders beat Leeds Stallion by 63 runs whilst new comers Mirpur Royals beat AQ Khan by 29 runs in a low scoring game. Wakefield Stars had a one side game against Chach who were bowled out for just 57 runs.

In the Star Section the only match to finish as a nail biter today was between Indus Bradford and new comers Ghourghushti XI, Indus Bradford batted first and were all bowled out for 150 runs in the 35 over, in return Ghourghushti XI were bowled out for 147 runs in the final over of the game losing by just 3 runs. Northcliffe and AMYA North East both had a relative easy game today and beat their respective clubs.

Individual Performance

Zamurad Khan 5 for 15 runs Scouthill
Zamurad Khan – 5 for 15 runs, Scouthill CC
Yasir Ali 62 runs Bhalot CC
Yasir Ali – 62 runs, Bhalot CC
Umaad Bashir 6 for 11 runs Wakefield Stars
Umaad Bashir – 6 for 11 runs, Wakefield Stars
Tahir Raza 76 not out Scouthill CC
Tahir Raza – 76 not out, Scouthill CC
Sohail Ahmed 53 Runs Northcliffe CC
Sohail Ahmed – 53 Runs, Northcliffe CC
Shezada Khan 4 for 26 runs Darulshafa CC
Shezada Khan – 4 for 26 runs, Darulshafa CC
Moosa Azad 55 runs Bradford Riders CC
Moosa Azad – 55 runs, Bradford Riders CC
Hisham Khan 97 runs Whiterose CC
Hisham Khan – 97 runs, Whiterose CC
Amir Hussain 4 for 19 runs Darulshafa CC
Amir Hussain – 4 for 19 runs, Darulshafa CC
Abid Lodhi 4 for 25 runs Indus Bradford
Abid Lodhi – 4 for 25 runs, Indus Bradford

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