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League extends Crescent and Star Section to 12 each.

At the new club application meeting held on the 8th December 2021 the committee met with all four clubs wishing to join the league for the forthcoming season 2022.

After meeting the clubs the committee had to reconsider its original plan to only include two out of the four clubs. All four applications enhanced the league in their different ways and a second proposal was considered by the committee to not deny the opportunity for any club. The structuring of the cup and shield extends the number of playing weeks for the league competition by 2 weeks and therefore allowing the committee to extend the Crescent and Star sections from 10 clubs/teams to 12 in each of the section.

New Club Members

AMYA North East Cricket Club – Newly formed club with associate clubs up and down the country, including one in Dewsbury District Cricket League

Bradford United B Cricket Club (Previously known as Amaan CC) – Third club in the league to benefit from having a second team structure.

Chach Cricket Club – Newly formed club with members of a Saturday team in the Dales Council league and links with the old Chach CC.

Great Horton Sport Cricket Club – Newly formed club (Mostly members of our previous member Krass Eagles CC)

Other Changes

Subhan Cricket Club – Fiasal has return as the club Secretary

Khan 2nd XI – Management has been replaced by Northcliffe 2nd XI CC

Mylahore Tabs B – AB Mughal takes over as the Secretary of the club.

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