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League Cricket Competition

Thank you to all that took part in this very successful competition and also to those who followed the competition but didn’t take part. The competition page was visited 1231 times during the 21 days and now doubt the post will be read today to end the suspense and find out who won the competition.

Congratulations to Muhammad Shoaib Baig from Tabs CC, Methab Afzal, Kings XI CC and Abbas Dadhiwala, Umpiring Official from Dewsbury, who all, answered the 21 questions correctly.

Competition winner draw

As the country remains under lock down, we intend to run another competition (subject to committee approval and a prize sponsor, pair of batting pads) which will be much more challenging then the first as we will be seeking for three correct responses to each question out of four. Its important that the league plays its part in the well being of its member and keeping you engaged in cricket during this unprecedented difficult time.

If you are interested in joining the second competition please email the league at, confirm you wish to take part and provide your full name and club name (if applicable). Members (clubs and players) of the Dewsbury and District Sunday Cricket League are welcomed to join. The questions will be related to international cricket only.

Muhammad Shoaib Baig – Winner of 2 awards ceremony tickets21/21
Methab Afzal21/21
Abbas Dadhiwala21/21
Muhammad Raffaz20/21
Palwinder Kumar Moudgil20/21
Qasim Siddique20/21
Faisal Ali19/21
Raja Sheeraz17/21
Alan Kaunz16/20
Samar Farooq16/19
Top Ten Leader Board – Winner : Muhammad Shoaib Baig

Day 21 Question – 2nd May 2020

What do South Africa, India, England, Sri Lanka and Australia have in common?

a. ODI World Cup winners

b. All scored 400+ runs in ODI

c. ICC T20 Cricket World Cup Winners

d. All the above

Day 20 Question – 1st May 2020

What powers does the Appeal Panel have when reaching its decision?

a. The Appeal Panel can increase the penalty of the original decision

b. The Appeal Panel can only agree with or reduce the penalty of the original decision

c. The Appeal Panel can refuse to hear the appeal

d. All of the above

Day 19 Question – 30th April 2020

How holds the record for hitting the fastest 200 in ODI?

a. Chris Gayle

b. Virender Sehwag

c. Rohit Sharma

d. Fakhar Zaman

Day 18 Question – 29th April 2020

If the game is rain affected in the first innings when does the umpire start to reduce the number of overs?

a. From the moment the game is stopped

b. No overs are reduced

c. 30 minutes after the game was stopped, where the umpire will reduce one over for every three minutes lost for play for both clubs

d. 15 minutes after the game was stopped, where the umpire will reduce one over for every three minutes lost for play for both clubs

Day 17 Question – 28th April 2020

In cricket how many ways can a batsman be out (excluding retired)?

a. 11

b. 10

c. 5

d. 7

Day 16 Question – 27th April 2020

Can a player participant in a game that has already started?

a. Yes as longs as it before the end of the first half of the game.

b. Yes he can play as longs as its within 45 minutes of the official start time

c. Yes he can play as longs as its within 30 minutes of the official start time

c. All the above

Day 15 Question – 26th April 2020

What do Sanath Jayasuriya, Shahid Afridi, Wasim Akram and Mahela Jayawardene have in common?

A. All played for same team as an oversea’s cricketer

B. Played together in ICC World XI team

C. Most ducks in their ODI career

D. All born in the same month

Day 14 Question – 25th April 2020

One of the following is ineligible (can not play) to register with the league, who is it?

a. Players aged between 14 – 16 years old

b. Played for a affiliated Sunday club in 2018 but not played for any affiliated Sunday club since.

c. Played his last 1st class cricket, including International Test, T20 and ODI internationals in September 2015

d. Played his last 1st class cricket, including International Test, T20 and ODI internationals in March 2015

Day 13 Question – 24th April 2020

Kumar Sangakkara, Adam Gilchrist, MS Dhoni, Brendon McCullum are rated as the best wicket keepers by ICC for which format of cricket?

a. ODI International 

b. International Test Cricket

c. ODI World Cup

d. T20 World Cup

Day 12 Question – 23rd April 2020

What is the final date to register a player in the league?

a. 30th June

b. 31st July

c. 19th April

d. 31st August

Day 11 Question – 22nd April 2020

Which International men’s test players has the most test career runs without scoring a hundred.

a. Chetandra Chauhan

b. Malcolm Marshall

c. Shane Warne

d. John Emburey

Day 10 Question – 21st April 2020

For a player to legitimately play for a member club when must he be registered with the league before participating for the following Sunday’s games?

a. Before the match

b. No later than Wednesday, anytime

c. No later than Thursday, 5.00pm

d. All of the above

Day 9 Question – 20th April 2020
How long does an incoming batsman have to get to the crease?

a. 2.5 minutes

b. 2 minutes

c. 3 minutes

d. No time limit

Day 8 Question – 19th April 2020

The League has an independent disciplinary panel and an appeal panel to assess and deliberate on matters relating to constitution or/and discipline breaches. Who has the casting vote in the meeting?

a. All the members of the panels

b. The Chairperson of the panels

c. The Executive chairperson of the Executive Committee

d. All of the above

Day 7 Question – 18th April 2020

Which Pakistani men’s player has scored more than 10,000 runs in international test cricket for his country?

a. Javed Miandad

b. Inzaman Ul Haq

c. Younis Khan

d. Mohammed Yousaf

Day 6 Question – 17th April 2020

When can a member club have its membership terminated by the league? (link to website

a. At anytime

b. Only if a member club has outstanding dues at the League’s AGM and the majority of the member clubs give approval to the executive committee to terminated the membership if the member club fails to settled the dues by the AGM or by the extension date agreed at the leagues AGM.

c. Before the start of the season

d. At the end of the season

Day 5 Question – 16th April 2020

Which international T20 men’s cricket team has made it to the finals three times?

a. Pakistan

b. Sri Lanka

c. England

d. India

Day 4 Question – 15th April 2020

Which two clubs will be promoted into the Premier Section for season 2021 from the Crescent and Star Sections?
(link to website

a. The winner of Crescent and Star Section

b. All clubs that reach the play offs

c. Both clubs that reach the play off final

d. The teams with the better outright win

Day 3 Question – 14th April 2020

Who is the leading wickettaker of all time in international men’s tests cricket?

a. Sharne Warne

b. Muttiah Muralitharan

c. Anil Kumble

d. Glen Mcgrath

Day 2 Question – 13th April 2020?

How many clubs does the Quaid e Azam Premier Cricket league have and how many clubs constitution each section. (link to website

a. The league has 30 clubs and each section has 10 clubs

b. The league has 26 clubs, the Premier Section has 10 clubs whilst both Crescent and Star sections have 8 each.

c. The league has 20 clubs and each section has 10 clubs

d. The league has 16 clubs, 8 in each division

Day 1 Question – 12th April 2020?

The Men’s Cricket World Cup was first held in 1975 in England and the following six countries have won the title since its inauguration.  Please confirm which country won the title for the first time in order of year (earliest first).

a.     West Indies, India, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka and England

b.    Australia, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England

c.     England, West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

d.    West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England

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