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League Competition v2.

The competition will consist of 21 multiple choice questions, starting the innings on the 10th May 2020 and the innings will end on the 30th May 2020 with the announcement of the winner of the prizes worth £155 sponsored by Flix Sports on the 31st May 2020.

After 21 questions we have a three way tie, however, Stephen has asked to be excluded from the final question to decide the winner leaving Methab Afzal and Haaris Hussain to contest the final question to decide the winner. Both will be sent the final question on Whatsapp and the first to reply back will be deemed the winners. The suggested time for the final question will be 1.30pm today.

Thank you to all those who took part and those that followed the two competitions. The two competition webpages were visited over 3000 times and member clubs and player will have extended their knowledge about the cricket in general and its history, law of cricket and the leagues constitutions.

Stephen Binnersley20
Methab Afzal20
Haaris Hussain20
Adam Siddique19
Maz Khan18
Palwinder Kumar Moudgil17
Ali Zain17
Muhammad Shoaib Baig16
Majid Hussain16
Alan Kaunz16
Abbas Dadhiwala15
Zulfikar Mohammed14
Final Leader Board

Day 21 Question – 30th May 2020

Six captains had a 100% winning record during their captaincy in Men’s International Test matches, which decade was this in?

  1. 1880’s
  2. 1960’S
  3. 2000’s
  4. 1930’s;id=188;type=decade

Day 20 Question – 29th May 2020

A batsman with a runner is on strike. He advances out of his ground to hit a delivery, but he swings and misses the ball. The striker dives and gets back into his ground before the wicket keeper breaks the wicket.  After breaking the wicket the keeper sees that the strikers runner is out of his ground at square leg. What is the umpires decision?

  1. The injured striker is out stumped because his runner was out of his ground when  the wicket was put down.
  2. Injured striker is not out, he regained his ground 
  3. Injured striker is out run out because his runner was out of his ground when the wicket was put down.
  4. Injured striker is not out as his runner wasn’t attempting to run when the wicket was put down.

Day 19 Question – 28th May 2020

Against which country did Pakistan achieve their greatest winning margin in a men’s international test match?

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Australia
  3. India
  4. New Zealand

Day 18 Question – 27th May 2020

The bowler delivers the ball and the batsman hits the ball down to fine leg, the wicket keeper takes his gloves off and chases the ball. The batsmen complete 2 runs and start to cross on the 3rd run when the wicket keeper collects the ball and throws towards the stumps but the ball makes contact with one of the gloves that he had been taken off earlier. The ball misses the stumps and goes on to cross the boundary.  How many runs should the umpire signal to the scorers?

  1. 7 runs
  2. 8 runs
  3. 11 runs
  4. 12 runs

The batsmen completed 2 runs, they were also in progress of running the third and started to cross before the ball came into contact with the glove that the wicket keeper wilfully removed. This was illegal fielding, thus the batting team were also awarded 5 penalty runs. What happened after the illegal fielding is disregarded as the ball was deemed dead.  Runs calculated as follows : 2+1+5=8 runs.

Day 17 Question – 26th May 2020

Which player has taken the most hat-trick feats in Men’s International ODI?

  1. Wasim Akram
  2. Chaminda Vaas
  3. Lasith Malinga
  4. Trent Boult

Day 16 Question – 25th May 2020

The umpire miscounts the number of balls bowled in an over by not calling over after the 6th valid ball was dead. The seventh ball was delivered and called as a front foot no ball; when the ball becomes dead the scorers informs the umpire that the last ball was an invalid delivery. What does the umpire do, taking into account that the extra ball was called as a no ball.

  1. The 7th ball would have to count as it was delivered. The no ball should be called, signalled and the bowled again. 
  2. The umpire would have to count the 7th ball as it was delivered, but should revoke the call and signal of the no ball as dead ball and then call over.
  3. Upon being told that the last ball was the 7th ball of the over. The umpire should call and signal dead ball to the scorers, as the ball didn’t count as a ball of the over and then call over.
  4. The 7th ball would have to count as it was delivered. The no ball should be called and signalled and the umpire should then call over.

Day 15 Question – 24th May 2020

One test match was played on a football ground in 1902 between England and Australia, can you name the football ground?

  1. Old Trafford
  2. Bramall Lane
  3. Enfield
  4. Stamford Bridge

Day 14 Question – 23rd May 2020

The bowler bowls a full pitched delivery on middle stump to the batsman on strike. The batsman steps on his wicket as he is waiting to receive the ball and as a result one of the bails is completely removed.  The batsman misses the ball when he receives it and it hits his pad first in line with the middle stump, stood just 30cm in front of his wickets. The ball then deflects from the pad and hits the wicket which removes the other bail. The bowler appeals and the umpire signal out and confirms one of the following to the scorer.

  1. Out LBW
  2. Out bowled
  3. Out hit wicket
  4. All of the above

Day 13 Question – 22nd May 2020

Who has scored the highest runs of all time for Pakistan in all men’s international cricket?

  1. Inzamam Ul Haq
  2. Yousaf Khan
  3. Mohammad Yousaf
  4. Javed Miandad

Day 12 Question – 21st May 2020

The batsman hits the ball in the direction of the boundary rope without making any contact with the ground, when it hits a bird and the ball drops into the hands of a fielder how is stood inside the boundary rope.  What does the umpire do?

  1. Signal 4 runs.  The ball struck the bird within the field of play
  2. Signal 6 runs.  The umpire agrees that the ball would have cleared the boundary
  3. Signal. Out (caught)
  4. Signal  Dead ball, Not out

Day 11 Question – 20th May 2020

Who has run out their partners the most in ALL international cricket?

  1. Inzamam Ul Haq
  2. Steve Waugh
  3. Rahul Dravid
  4. Sachin Tendulkar

Day 10 Question – 19th May 2020

A fielder dives to attempt to field the ball close to the boundary. While diving, the fielders cap accidentally comes of his head. The cap comes into contact with the ball and slows the ball progressing enough to enable the fielder to gather the ball before it touches the boundary. The fielder then throws it to the keeper after the batmen cross, what should the umpire do?

  1. The umpire should to consult with his colleague, if they agree that a boundary would have been scored, had the cap not touched the ball, then the umpire should award a boundary.
  2. The umpire should award the boundary 4 and 5 penalty runs for illegal fielding
  3. The umpire should do nothing. No illegal fielding.
  4. The umpire should award 5 penalty runs and any completed runs plus the run in progress if the batsmen had crossed before the illegal fielding took place.

Day 9 Question – 18th May 2020

Which batsman holds the current record for most sixes in International T20 (as at Feb 2020)?

  1. Colin Munro
  2. Chris Gayle
  3. Martin Guptill 
  4. Rohit Sharma

Day 8 Question – 17th May 2020

A batsman attempts to sweep the ball. The ball comes off the top edge of his bat and loops towards his stumps. The batsman hits the ball to guard his wicket as the wicket keeper was about to attempt to catch the ball. The ball ends up going over the boundary.   What should the umpire signal?

  1. Awards 4 runs.
  2. Out for obstructing the field
  3. Dead ball
  4. Out for hitting the ball twice

Day 7 Question – 16th May 2020

When was the overarm bowling accepted as legal?

  1. 1835
  2. 1780
  3. 1864
  4. 1862

Day 6 Question – 15th May 2020

The batsman plays a defensive stroke and the ball ends up trapped in the batsman’s pad. The batsman releases the ball with the hand without seeking permission. He then hits the ball to a fielder with his bat and the fielding team then appeal to the umpire. What should happen?

  1. Umpire gives batsman out for obstructing the field
  2. Umpire gives batsman out for handled the ball
  3. Umpire turns down the appeal and signals dead ball
  4. Umpire gives batsman out for hitting the ball twice

Day 5 Question – 14th May 2020

Who holds the record for consecutive losses at a men’s World Cup without a win?

  1. Netherlands
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Ireland

Day 4 Question – 13th May 2020

Which three can be called (signalled) by the umpire whilst the ball is in play?

  1. Short run, No ball and dead ball
  2. No ball, wide and dead ball
  3. Power play, dead ball and wide
  4. Penalty runs, Power play and decision review system

Day 3 Question – 12th May 2020

Who is the oldest man to have made a century in one day international (ODI) cricket?

  1. Sanath  Jayasuriya
  2. Christopher  Gayle
  3. Edmund  Joyce
  4. Khurram Khan

Day 2 Question – 11th May 2020

There are 10 different types of no balls under MCC rules 2017 but there are also additional infringements (rules) that are also called a no ball.  How many additional infringements can be called a no ball?

  1. 3
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 2

Day 1 Question – 10th May 2020
What do Javed Miandad and Sachin Tendulkar have in common?

  1. Only players to have played in most men’s cricket world cups
  2. Both go by the nickname of street fighter
  3. Youngest to score a century on debut
  4. Scored a century on debut

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