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Important information for Clubs from this week

To help clubs plan the following information will help them to re-arranged the cup fixtures and league fixture from this week. The information will also help the umpires officiating from this week.

Re-arranged cup fixtures

To follow on from the information provided previously relating to re-arranged fixtures, it is important that the bowl out option only applies where after re-arranging the game it has not been possible to play the fixture due to weather. All clubs must reach an agreement to play the preliminary round game before the 23rd May 2021 or sooner. It is expected due to work commitments it is not always possible to have you best XI but its important that the fixtures are completed before the next round and clubs agree a date where the weather forecast looks promising.

Phase 2 of the agreement reached by member clubs relating to overs.

As agreed by the member clubs before the start of the season we will now move to phase two of the over transition in line with the ECB guidance. From next week each innings will consist of 40 overs (Dewsbury and District League will play their normal constituted number of 40 overs) and the following fielding restrictions and the points system will apply:

Field Restriction (Only applies to Premier Section games)

Fielding restrictions will apply as follows:

0 – 10 Overs : 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

11 – 30 Overs : 4 Fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

31 – 40 Overs : 5 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

Points System – Season 2021 (for fixtures from the 16th May 2021)

Win – 10 points

Loss – 0 points

Tie – 8 points (same number of runs and wickets)

Rained off – 6 points

Bonus points (Batting and bowling)

Bonus PointsBatting – RunsBowling – Wicket
Bonus points (Batting and bowling)

Bonus Point System – Team batting second

Wicket lost0-109110-129130-149150-169170+
Bonus Point System – Team batting second

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