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Final Step to come into force from 18th July 2021

As agreed by with members at the previous step games from 18th July 2021 will revert to 45 overs.

Member clubs are reminded to work within rule 15 – Each innings shall not exceed 45 6 ball over. No bowler can bowl more than nine overs, this shall be reduced accordingly if restricted by a late start due to rain or other reason. 45 overs to be bowled within 3 hours, a fine of £5.00 per over if this rule is not complied with.

From tomorrow each innings will consist of 45 overs and the following fielding restrictions and the points system will apply:

Field Restriction (Only applies to Premier Section games)

Fielding restrictions will apply as follows:

0 – 10 Overs : 2 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

11 – 35 Overs : 4 Fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

36 – 45 Overs : 5 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards inner circle

Points System – Season 2021 (for fixtures from the 18th July 2021)

Win – 10 points

Loss – 0 points

Tie – 8 points (same number of runs and wickets)

Rained off – 6 points

Bonus points (Batting and bowling)

Bonus PointsBatting – RunsBowling – Wicket

Bonus Point System – Team batting second

Wicket lost0-119120-139140-159160-179180+

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