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Final day for the transfers window – last date 30th June 2023

The number of player transfers since the league was founded has been increasing and clubs have until midnight today to request a player transfer for season 2023.

Transfer of player can be seen as a sign of higher standards as players move clubs to secure a regular game on a Sunday particularly as the league now has a new record number of signing, as at today (30th June 2023) 2242 players are now registered between all the 34 clubs. 374 new player have registered with the league since the start of the season, which is an equivalent to another 34 clubs.

Season 2023 – 104 players
Season 2022 – 79 players
Season 2021 – 62 players

Clubs are reminded to maintain their player registration and ensure it follows procedure to avoid losing points. The league has received 2 complaints where players have played and not met the league’s player constitution requirements.

  • Players MUST be registered with the league (League Registered Player) in Play-Cricket (rule 9e)
  • Player MUST be registered with the clubs squad so the player and thier photograph are displayed on the clubs Play-Cricket website (rule 9a)
  • Clubs are reminded to check to ensure they have completed the player registration for new players.
    • Visit the club website to see the player and photograph is listed. If the player is not listed, login back into the admin and add the player to squad. Try to use a computer instead of mobile phone
    • You should only play the player once you have received confirmation from the league that the player has been approved. If on the day of the match you try to play a player who can not be added to live scoring – DO NOT PLAY HIM AS YOU RUN THE RISK OF LOSING POINTS.

Links to training videos to help club

List below demonstrates the number of players registered with each club.

AK Eagles CC – 105 Registered players
A.M.Y North East CC – 46 Registered players
AQ Khan CC – 67 Registered players
Bhalot Strikers CC – 70 Registered players
Bradford Moor YCA – 86 Registered players
Bradford Riders CC – 24 Registered players
Bradford United CC – 95 Registered players
CAX’S XI CC – 78 Registered players
Central Leeds CC – 43 Registered players
Chach CC – 52 Registered players
Darulshafa CC – 98 Registered players
Diamond CC – 79 Registered players
Friends CC, Yorkshire – 57 Registered players
Ghourghushti XI CC – 23 Registered players
Great Horton Sports CC – 93 Registered players
Heaton Park CC, Yorkshire – 35 Registered players
Indus Bradford CC – 54 Registered players
Karmand CC – 69 Registered players
Kashmir CC – 86 Registered players
Khan CC – 61 Registered players
Kings XI Lahore CC – 59 Registered players
Leeds Stallions CC – 61 Registered players
Mirpur Royals CC – 32 Registered players
Nafees CC – 56 Registered players
Nathia United CC Count 90 Registered players
Northcliffe CC – 59 Registered players
Rajput CC – 66 Registered players
Rising Stars CC – 87 Registered players
Scouthill CC – 68 Registered players
Subhan CC – 44 Registered players
TABS CC – 63 Registered players
Wakefield Stars CC – 38 Registered players
White Rose CC – 107 Registered players
Yorkshire Lions CC – 51 Registered players

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