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One of the biggest event of the Quaid e Azam Premier Cricket League will take place on Bank Holiday, Monday 29th August 2022.

Top three Premier Section clubs Kashmir, Whiterose, Bhalot and Rising Stars renowned for hard hitting play the Semi finals and final of the Syhiba The Hundred.

The hundred rules 1

Kashmir Cricket Club v Rising Stars Cricket Club – Start Time @ 11.00am
Official – Adeel Ashraf and Raja Farhad

Whiterose Cricket Club v Bhalot Cricket Club – Start Time @ 2.00pm
Official – Martin Dunn and Howard Taylor

Final – Start Time @ 5.00pm
Officials – Mohammed Nazir and Mohammed Amir Majid


  • It’s 100 balls per innings. Whoever scores the most runs wins.
  • The fielding side change ends after 10 balls. (two different ballers can ball from the same end if they ball 5 balls each)
  • Bowlers deliver either 5 or 10 consecutive balls. The captain decides.
  • Each bowler can deliver a maximum of 20 balls per match.


  • Each bowling side gets a strategic timeout of up to two minutes.
  • The coach can walk out to the middle of the ground and discuss tactics with their players mid-match.


  • A powerplay for each team for first 25 balls.
  • Two fielders are allowed outside of the 30-yard circle during the powerplay which is during the first 25 balls and 5 fielders out for the remaining balls.


  • A match of QEAPCL The Hundred will last two and a half hours.
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