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Annual General Meeting – 1st November 2022 @ 6.30pm – Karmand Community Centre

As we close another successful season, we now move onto considering improvements for the forthcoming season in 2023 with the experiences of the previous season we all enjoyed. The league meeting will be held on the 1st November 2022 at 6.30pm in the Senior Day Care Room, Karmand Community Centre, Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 9EP. A fine of £50.00 will be applied failure to attend the meeting.

Seven member clubs have put forward proposal for to be considered at the AGM.

For any proposal to be consider it has to be backed by another member club (at least two clubs have to support for the motion to be discussed, if only the proposer who puts forward the matter supports the motion it will not be discussed and therefore will be dismissed. If the matter receives support for two or more member clubs the motion will be discussed and 75% must vote in favour for it to be passed as part of the league constitution for season 2023.

Proposed Matter/RuleProposed by Passed
We request that we do NOT change the current league structure for season 2023 as agreed at the previous AGM, which is unique and promotes fair competition across the league. We believe that moving to the new structure will not only put people off from buying into league but also push them away from enjoyable cricket.Central Leeds CC
Review the Rule for TeasSubhan CC
Consistency – Rules applied by UmpiresSubhan CC
Match Start Time (April and Sept) – Start at 12.15pm or 12.30pm Subhan CC and Bhalot CC
Match start Time (May – August) – 1.00pmBhalot CC
Whiterose CC
Nathia United CC
Review the structure of the Disciplinary and Grievance Panel – It should consist of one person from the Executive, one umpire and the other three should be neutral individuals.Great Horton Sports CC
The league should be promoting more competitions
– different age groups and genders. For example: Junior Cricket league, Senior Cricket League or Women Cricket League which should be run under the umbrella of the QEAPCL.
– Also competitions such as the 8 aside which used to be run on Bank Holiday Mondays were a pinnacle of this league and indoor 6 aside tournaments which help to keep the players interested should be looked at with incentives of prize money.
Great Horton Sports CC and Rajpoot CC
All cup and shield matches draw for every roundBhalot CC and Kashmir CC
Cancel all matches if 10th Muharram falls on SundayFriends CC
League to consider banning players registered with QEAPCL and playing in other Sunday affiliated leagues without a transfer.Rajpoot CC
Points system to be reviewed for losing side not being awarded any bonus points for batting or bowling.Rajpoot CC
Restrict 30 registered players at any one time for each club.Rajpoot CC and Kashmir CC
Restrict 35 registered players at any one time for each club. Kings XI CC
One overseas player should be allowed to play each match but upto 3 players can register for each club.Kashmir CC
Review the overseas ruleBradford Moor CC
Overseas players should not be allowed to playNathia United CC
We should allow maximum three overseas amateurs players in playing 11.Whiterose CC
Allow ex British first class players to participate in the league – No qualifying periodWhiterose CC
Clubs to name and encourage more umpires to participateLeague Committee
Every team should have a player under the age of 19 in each match or penalty of 3 points.Kashmir CC
Fines for Incomplete scoresheets or Confirmation to increase to £10.00 per matchLeague Committee
Fee for completes to increase to £25.00 (currently £10.00)League Committee
To improve the standard of umpiring to introduce a live points system on play cricketAK Eagles CC
Review ball supplierLeeds Stallions CC
Points to only be awarded if minimum of 3 games are completed in the relevant sectionNathia United CC
A cap of 5 transfers should be put on clubs in any one seasonKings XI CC
Reduce the number of transfers to one rather than twoKings XI CC
Introduce firmer penalties for non-completion of match results, confirmation of scoresheets etc. First instance, £5 fine. Second instance £20 fine, third instance 1 points penalty and £30 fine and increases incrementally by a point and £10 per instance.Kings XI CC

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