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AdilCo Cup and Mohammed (Bill) Saddique Memorial Shield – Update

With the forecast for rain over night today and tomorrow games are likely to be affected.

Clubs and Official need to be aware of the constitution for the games tomorrow (Sunday) and Monday.

If a result cannot be determined because of weather conditions on the original specific date, the match shall be continued on the following available evenings/day.  Where both teams cannot agree the match must be played over two evening before the next round.  Failure to re-arrange the fixture may result in both teams being eliminated from the cup round.

Adilco Cup and Mohammed (Bill) Saddique Shield – Match circumstances

  • Clubs can agree to reduce the number of overs before the start of cup game but must complete at least 25 over for the result to count or bowl out the team, whichever comes first.
  • If the team batting first does not play at least 25 overs the game will start from the beginning
  • If the team batting first plays 25 overs or more or is bowled out the game will continue from where it left from. The game will have to be played at the same ground, wicket and using the same cricket ball. Umpires must write tomorrow’s date and sign the cricket ball to ensure the same ball is used.
  • If the game is interrupted by rain, umpires will reduce the number of overs at the rate of 1 over for every 3 minutes. Where the game is interrupted by rain there will be no reduction of over for the first 15 minutes but over must be reduced after the first 15 minutes of interruption.

Mohammed (Bill) Saddique Shield – Quarter Final

If the Mohammed (Bill) Saddique Shield game is not completed on Sunday and next round (Quarter Finals) game on Monday will need to be played at a later date.

Umpires fees

Where the original umpires are not available on the re-arranged date the two clubs are responsible for paying additional umpires fees. The rate of calculation is 50p for every over remaining to be bowled regardless of how many overs are actually bowled.

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