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League’s Annual Awards & Dinner – Report 2018

CLUBS in the Quaid-e-Azam Sunday League are worried about how much money they pay in affiliation fees to the Yorkshire Cricket Board for what they get in return.

The concern among clubs was highlighted at the league’s annual prize presentation at the Midpoint Aagrah in Thornbury, Bradford.

League chairman Taj Butt said after the meal and the awards: “The clubs have raised the issue as many of them are one-team clubs that don’t own their grounds but they pay the same basic fee as teams that do own their grounds and run four senior teams.

“Those clubs do pay more for each team but our clubs feel that they are not getting value for money.”

Butt added: “My club, which is Great Horton Church, who play in the Bradford Mutual Sunday School League, will always pay the fee as we are a different kettle of fish but the Quaid-e-Azam League raised their concerns with the YCB in June.

”We eventually got a meeting with them in September and they explained what benefits our league gets from them.

“They have a procedure to follow and they promised to get back to us but it is now over four weeks later and they still haven’t responded.”

YCB board member Phil Radcliffe said: “We discussed the dissatisfaction of some leagues about YCB membership at our September meeting and will discuss it again at our next board meeting next month.

“Hopefully we will have some news after that.”

League Chair is also concerned that money from the ECB for South Asian community clubs in Leeds-Bradford, Kirklees and Sheffield – which could amount to £85,000-£90,000 per area – reaches its proposed targets.

He added: “We are losing some clubs due to lack of finances.”

Chief guest at the dinner was the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Zafar Ali.

He said: “Sport has no boundaries and it is very important in Bradford and brings people together.

“With it we can achieve a great deal.”

Award winnersPremier Section, best batting average: Majid Inayat (Keighley RZM) 103.30. Best bowling average: Ishtikhar Hussain (Keighley RZM) 9.1. Leading wicket-keeper: Majid Inayat (Keighley RZM) 28 victims. Leading individual score: Mohammed Bilal (Darulshafa) 114 not out. Best bowling analysis: Sohail Butt (White Rose) 7-27. Leading all-rounder: Musawar Shah (My Lahore) 33.10 batting, 13.80 bowling. Leading run-scorer: Arsalan Mir (Earlmarshall) 469. Leading wicket-taker: Musawar Shah (My Lahore) 32. Best partnership: Bilal Hamid & Mohammed Bilal (Darulshafa) 178.

Section A, best batting average: Imran Patel (Karmand) 45.89. Best bowling average: Amir Ayub (Karmand) 13.70. Leading wicket-keeper: Mohammed Siad (Style) 16 victims. Leading all-rounder: Mohammed Yasir (Style) batting average 39.36, bowling average 17.30. Leading run-scorer: Asif Ayub (Karmand) 477. Best bowling analysis: Usman Ali (Diamond) 6-14. Leading wicket-taker: Amir Ayub (Karmand) 30. Best partnership: Mohammed Shoaib & Mohammed Jhangir (Diamond) 149.

Section B, best batting average: Ammar Syed (Krass Eagles) 67.70. Best bowling average: Waqar Zaheer (Central Leeds) 10.30. Leading wicket-keeper: Majid Jhangir (Azad) 21 victims. Leading all-rounder: Saqib Mir (Azad) batting average 44.13, bowling average: 12.63. Leading run-scorer: Ammar Syed (Krass Eagles) 405. Leading wicket-taker: Waqar Zaheer (Central Leeds) 32. Leading individual score: Hazrat Zaman (Indus Bradford) 120. Best bowling analysis: Rashid Mehmood (Yorkshire Lions) 8-25. Best partnership: Hamzah Iqbal & Seif Hussain (Kashmir Bradford) 146.

Premier Section champions: Keighley RZM. Section A champions: Diamond. Section B champions: Central Leeds. Yasmin & Shaid Solicitors Cup winners: Darulshafa. Riaz, Khan & Co Shield winners: Diamond. Umpire of the season: Tim Grogan.

Keighley RZM – Premier Section Champions
Diamond CC – Section A Champions
Central Leeds – Section B Champions
League Awards Attendees
Tim Grogan – Umpire of the Season award presented by Lord Mayor
Majid Inayat (KRZM) – Best Average & Leading WK Awards
Ishtikhar Hussain (KRZM) – Best Bowling Average
Massawar Shah (ML) – Best All Rounder & Leading Wicket Taker Awards
Sohail Butt (WRCC) – Best Bowling Analysis
Bilal Hamid (DCC) – Highest Partnership Award

Section A Winners

Imran Patel (KCC) – Best Batting Average Award
Amir Ayub (KCC) – Best Bowling Average & Leading Wickets taker Awards
M Jhanghir (Diamond) – Best Partnership & Best Bowling Analysis Awards
Asif Ayub (KCC) – Leading Runs Maker Award

Section B Winners

Ammar Syed (KECC) – Best Batting Average & Leading Runs Maker Awards
Waqar Zaheer (CLCC) – Best Bowling Average & Leading Wicket Taker Awards
Saqib Mir (Azad) – Best All Rounder Award
Majid Jhanghir (Azad) – Leading Wicket Keeper Award
Rashid Mehmood (YLCC) – Best Bowling Analysis Award

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