Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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League Updates – Season 2019

As the excitement & enthusiasm for the 2019 ICC World Cup Cricket Competition in the UK has been building up, the 2019 Quaid e Azam Sunday Cricket League has also been full of excitement and enthusiasm.

League Updates: The Exhilaration and eagerness has been brewing up throughout the winter period, with two clubs resigning & two clubs becoming new members, Salem Athletic & Kings XI Lahore, out of four applied for 2019 season.

We certainly had a busy winter as few clubs requested to change their names and ground details, over 50 players being transferred, between teams within the League so far, Cup Competition Restructure and live draws, Play Cricket implementation as well as umpire courses and Play Cricket training  session.

When you have approximately, forty umpires right across Yorkshire and 15 plus captains congregating at the annual preseason ‘Umpires & Captains meeting’, clearly shows the enthusiasm & love for the game. All The Umpires received new Jackets, & Stationary, which was sponsored by Qaswa Tours.

  • Veteran team Onq CC changed their name to Earl Mountbatten, Style CC have changed their name to Khan CC, Raja CC are now called AK Eagles, Chach CC are now called HQ Banqueting and finally, Green Stars have renamed themselves to Friends CC.
  • A number of key changes were approved by the member clubs at the 2018 AGM, and those changes will take affect this year. In addition, members unanimously, agreed to implement Play-Cricket, where results, score sheets and update analytics will be generated once the score sheets are completed. Thanks to League Secretary Naheem Malik for his hard work through out  the winter in facilitating clubs with guidance in registration, support, and valuable knowledge.
  • Despite the new system being implemented, the rules will stay the same such as; The League will continue to use the Main QEASCL Website for Player Registration & Player Transfer, Results to be sent via Text and not WhatsApp. The Home teams will populate the score sheet no later than Tuesday night (9pm), with the Away team confirming the score sheet by Wednesday 9pm, and adding results on to their play cricket website which shall reflect integrated league tables. Player registration deadline will continue to remain as per rule 9e. (Thursdays 5pm)
  • All Umpire’s appointments will be uploaded on the Main QEASCL Web page, (Members Area) with relevant details associated to Umpire’s section up to for 2/4 weeks; however, home clubs will continue to confirm with the appointed umpires their availability no later than Thursday evening. Failure in doing so, can result in breaching League Rules. In circumstances where the umpire is unavailable, Home Clubs must contact the Umpire Secretary so an alternative provision is provided.
  • Furthermore, a restructure of the Yasmin & Shahid Cup along with the Riaz Khan & Shield will come into action this season. All Premier section Clubs and the Top 6 section A clubs (as per previous season’s league standings) will qualify to play in Y&SS Cup. Where as the remaining 4 clubs and section B clubs will compete in the RK&CO Shield competition.

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