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League Constitution – Season 2019

League Constitution – Season 2019

1.The league shall be known as the Quaid‑e‑Azam Sunday Cricket League.

2. Membership. The following clubs/teams shall constitute the league for this season.

Premier Section: Bhalot Strikers CC, Darulshafa CC, Diamond CC, Earl Mountbatten CC, Flix AWB CC, Karmand CC, Kashmir (Dewsbury) CC, Keighley RZM Chemists CC, My Lahore CC and White Rose CC

Section A: AK Eagles CC, Azad CC, Bradford Moor CC, Central Leeds CC, EAM CC, Heaton Park CC, Khan CC, Punjab CC, Rising Stars CC and Tabs CC

Section B: Friends CC, HQ Banqueting CC, Indus Bradford CC, Kashmir (Bradford) CC, Kings XI CC, Kings xi Lahore CC, Krass Eagles CC, Salem Athletic CC, Shaheen CC and Yorkshire Lions CC

2a. The League shall consist of 30 clubs/teams divided into three sections Premier Section, Section ‘A’ and Section ‘B’. (For season 2017 a motion to create two Sections was agreed at the 2015 AGM, Section A would consist of the top 5 teams in group 1 and 2 whilst the bottom 5 teams in both groups would move down to the new Section B structure).

3. Club/Team Registration. Each club/team shall register each year with the league on appropriate league registration forms, duly completed and accompanied by full subscription. This to be completed no later than a date set at the AGM. Each year the membership of all clubs/teams will be reviewed by the executive committee.

3a. Applications for membership by clubs/teams who are not current members of the league must be received by the League Secretary no later than AGM of the preceding season. All such applications shall be considered and decided by the executive committee, having regard to: the membership of that club/team; discipline; playing strength; condition of the ground and any other factors which the executive committee consider relevant to the application in question. The executive committee have the discretion to impose any condition considered necessary which may include the payment of a bond of £200.

3b. Any Member of the Quaid‑e‑Azam SCL wishing to resign from league must notify the League Secretary in writing of that decision prior to the AGM of that year. After receipt of such a letter, and providing all outstanding fines and all cups and trophies have been returned, the club/team will have 7 day cooling off period to reconsider their resignation.

i) Should (AFTER the above period) the club/team wishes to resume its membership it must re‑apply in writing. If such an application is successful, the club/team will be treated as a new member and restart its membership in the lower section of the league.

ii) Any club/team leaving the league without fulfilling the aforementioned obligation will be reported to Yorkshire Cricket Board and refused further entry into the Quaid‑e‑Azam SCL. Any outstanding fees will be divided equally by all registered players with the exception of those aged 21 and under as at 1st September of that particular season. In addition, those players for that particular club have played more than 50% of the completed matches in that particular season.

3c. Any club/team resigning from the league after the AGM will be fined the same as the broken engagement for each game and rule 3b-ii will apply to the players.

3d. No club/team withdrawing from the league following withdrawal shall have any claim to compensation against the league or be repaid any monies that may have been subscribed by it.

3e. Each club/team shall pay an annual subscription to be determined at the AGM. This subscription compromises the cost of the handbooks, league entry, awards and affiliation fees to YCB/ECB.

3f. All clubs/teams wishing to change their club name must apply to the executive committee, at whose discretion the name will be accepted. Request to change club/team name must be made before the deadline of the annual club/team application.

4. Promotion/Relegation. At the end of the season the two bottom clubs/teams in Premier section shall be relegated whilst the top two clubs/teams in section ‘A’ shall be promoted, the bottom two clubs/teams in Section ‘A’ shall be relegated and the top two clubs/teams in Section ‘B’ shall be promoted. In the event of a club/team in the Premier Section resigning the club/team in 3rd place in Section ‘A’ will be promoted and, accordingly, a club/team in Section ‘A’ resigning the club/team in 3rd place in Section ‘B’ will be promoted.

4a. Should club/teams finish the season on the same number of points, the championship/relegation will be based upon the number of outright wins (6 points). If the club/teams remain tied the championship/relegation will be decided on a superior Net Run rate, based upon batting average being divided by bowling average.

5. Annual General Meeting. At the AGM of the league, the executive committee shall present a report to include matters concerning the welfare of the league and a statement of accounts. League officials shall then be elected at the AGM and form the executive committee of the league. The league shall be governed by a committee thereafter called the executive committee which will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Secretary, Treasurer, Umpires Secretary and four non-elected members.

5a. Consideration shall be given to the proposal of any new rules or amendment(s) to existing rules at the AGM of the league or at an extraordinary meeting of the league, called for such purpose by the Chairman or Secretary or at the request in writing of no less than 20 clubs/teams (two thirds). No new rules nor alterations to existing rules shall be effective unless supported by 75% of the clubs/teams present.

5b. Each club/team is allowed one vote at the AGM.

5c. Any Member failing to attend the AGM/EGM will be fined £50.00.

5d. All club/team representatives, duly registered by their club, shall be eligible to serve on the executive committee and the election process shall be by secret ballot.

6. League Accounts. Every club/team has a right to examine the league accounts, but may do so only at a general meeting. A copy of an annual financial report will be given to each club’s representative at the AGM. Any club not settling their accounts by the due date will be fined £5.00 per week from the due date.

6a. Annual subscriptions must be settled by the date set at the AGM or as stated on the annual application. If the annual subscription is not so paid the club/team concerned will be disqualified from fulfilling fixtures until such subscription is paid. Points from any unfulfilled fixtures will be awarded to the opposing team.

6b. All outstanding balances for the previous season must be settled on or before AGM. The league executive has the authority to terminate the membership of any club/team failing so to do.

7. Executive Committee. The executive committee reserves the right to require any member of a club to attend and address the executive committee meetings on a specific matter should the need arise. The member(s) shall address the meeting on specific matters and shall not participate in further proceedings of that meeting.

7a. The executive committee shall have the discretion to manage the affairs of the league and to decide all matters relating to such as they think fit.

7b. Decision(s) of the executive committee shall be provided to member clubs in writing within seven days of the decision being made and subsequently posted onto the league website.

7c. At all meetings the chairman of the league shall have a casting vote.

7d. Where necessary the executive committee shall have the discretion to elect additional officers to fulfill any duties the executive committee consider necessary. In addition, the executive committee has the discretion to nominate honorary life members.

7e. No person shall be elected or serve as a member of the executive committee if they have been convicted of a level 4 offence.

8. League MeetingLeague meetings shall be held at the Karmand Community Centre at 7.15pm.

8a. Each club/team can nominate one representative, being the secretary or other responsible appointed person, to be allowed to attend the league general meetings and that person must be registered with the club/team and approved by the club secretary.

8b. Any club/team failing to send a representative to the general meetings (GM) shall be fined a sum of £20.00.

8c. The Chairman has the discretion to expel any club/team representative from any meeting in the event of inappropriate behaviour.

9. Registration of Players. The registration of players will only be accepted by using the Quaid e Azam SCL website online registration system. An unlimited number of players may be registered by a member club. However, if the member club has more than 50 players registered in any particular season a charge of £1.00 will apply for each player thereafter.

9a. A current passport size electronic image must be attached on to the online system for each player’s application. Online registration form will not be accepted unless a player’s recent photograph is attached, unless if the registration is transfer related AND the player photo is on present club webpage.

9b. When a player’s registration has been approved by the league secretary the player photograph and details, including date of registration, will be uploaded on to the appropriate member club webpage to confirm registration.

9c. Each member club shall keep a written record of all outstanding obligations of their players and it shall be the responsibility of each member club to obtain acknowledgement in writing of that obligation from the player concerned.

9d. Any person(s) who has played first class cricket, which shall include T20 internationals, ODI internationals and Test matches, within five years of application will be classed as a professional & shall not be eligible to register with any member club. In addition, overseas players who are in the UK on a Sports visa (or a visitor’s visa with a purpose of entry to play sports), AND who are registered in the YCB/ECB affiliated league, will also be ineligible to play. The eligibility of players with other types of visa (such as spouse/student), AND with affiliation to YCB/ECB, will be dealt with on the merits of the circumstances AND at the discretion of executive committee. (Extended clarification of this rule is available on website home page)

9e. Any new players shall be registered with the league by the preceding Thursday, 5.00pm, before they can participate in games taking place on the following Sunday/Monday. Registration of all new players shall cease after 31st July.

10. Transfer. The executive committee shall have the discretion to allow or disallow the transfer of any player.

10a. No player shall play for more than one club/team, unless he receives a transfer from his former club. A player who has not fulfilled his financial obligations to his former club shall not be allowed to play for his new club/team until he does so. This applies only to the previous & current season. There will be an upper limit restriction of £80 in terms of the outstanding financial obligation made by the former member club. Written evidence must be provided by the former member club to justify any outstanding financial obligations.

10b. No transfer will be accepted after 30th June. Transfer will only be accepted on the official Quaid e Azam SCL online registration system. In addition, the transfer approval confirmation must also be forwarded by a text or an email to the league secretary. In the case of other Sunday cricket leagues – a YCB transfer form must be completed and should be signed by the player as well as secretaries of the clubs involved.

10c. If a transfer is refused the holding club must outline the reason for not allowing to transfer to proceed within 5 days of the request to the League Secretary. The player will not be able to play during the 5 days period. Both the holding club and the player will be informed in writing of the decision by the executive committee. If the matter goes to appeal then the player will not play in any games until the outcome of the appeal.

10d. If a transfer dispute arises before the transfer deadline the player will be able to transfer to the new club after the deadline, provided his transfer is successfully completed. However, should there be a dispute the player cannot play for his present club until the transfer dispute is resolved.

10e. Players can seek only one transfer in any one season. For information the new season starts the day after the AGM.

10f. A maximum of 2 players will be allowed to be transferred from Club A to Club B over the course of the season. This limit also applies if a player goes to an intermediate club from club A, before going on to register to Club B.

10g. In the event a player misinforming the member club regarding his previous registration history the executive committee will take appropriate action against club and the individual. Responsibility of all validity of transfers lies with the registering team.

11. The Team.  A list of players taking part in the match before play commences must be given to the umpires before the teams toss.

12. The PlayersIf a player arrives after 30 minutes from the official start time of the game he will not be eligible to participate in the game as a player or a substitute. Both the umpires and the opposing captain must be informed if a player is expected to arrive late.

12a. A substitution will only be granted if the umpires are satisfied that a player has been injured or become ill during the match. However, for a rearranged rain affected continuation of a cup game, substitutions will be allowed.

12b. A minimum of seven players must be present to represent a team before any match can be started. A fine of £2.00 per player will apply if less than 11 players are present.

12c. All clubs must provide a scorer. If any clubs fails to provide a scorer at the official start time a fine of £10.00 will apply.

13. Time of Matches.  All league and cup matches must start at 1.30pm except for games in April & September when the start time is 1.00pm.

13a. A game will be called off 45 minutes after the official start time if the opposing or home team has not arrived to the agreed venue.

13b. The two captains and at least six of his registered players must be present in their whites for the toss of the coin to take place at 1.15pm. In the event of a captain and at least six players not being present the team will be deemed to have lost the toss. In the case where both teams are late they will be required to toss before they take to the field.

13c. In the event of a club changing the venue of their game from their normal home ground the club shall notify the away club and the league secretary no later than 10:00pm of the evening before the day of the match. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the offending clubs being deducted all points including those awarded in games affected by the weather.

14. Late Starts.  Umpires must report late starts. Any club responsible for a late start will be fined £1.00 per minute for the first 10 minutes and 50 pence every minute thereafter for the next 35 minutes.

14a. No club shall cancel a match on account of weather conditions or the state of the ground and no game shall be abandoned before the authorized time for commencement of the match unless it involves a lot of traveling and that the both teams agree to cancel the game.

14b. Any games not started on time, due to the weather or the state of the ground, the match will be reduced by one over per 3 minutes (after the first 15 minutes). If the match has not started by 3.30pm or the team batting first has not played at least 25 overs in their allocated time of 3 hours from the official start time then the match will be deemed to be abandoned by the umpires and two points will be awarded to each club.

14c. Any games interrupted in the first innings of the match by weather, the match will be reduced as per rule 14b. The team batting second will be given the same number of overs as the first team regardless of any further interruption due to rain. The game will continue if the light is judged to be satisfactory by the umpire.

14d. Both teams must inform the League Secretary in writing to confirm an unfulfilled fixture (broken engagement) within seven days of the match not taking place. The team responsible for the unfulfilled fixture shall write to the league secretary explaining the reason for the fixture not taking place. The team responsible will be fined £150.00 and will also compensate reasonable cost for ground hire and umpires fees.

15. OversEach innings shall not exceed 45, 6‑ball overs. Late starts due to weather or any other reason will necessitate the umpires applying rule 14b. In the absence of official umpires both Captains will need to decide on the number of overs to be reduced before play starts. No bowler can bowl more than nine overs. This number shall be reduced accordingly by dividing the number of overs agreed by 5. 45 overs to be bowled within 3 hours ‑ a fine of £5.00 per over if this rule is not complied with.

15a. A new league approved Reader Sovereign cricket ball shall be used for each game. Any replacement balls used in a match shall also be Reader Sovereign cricket balls.

15b. For all league matches a ball delivered down the leg side will be deemed as a wide and normal MCC rules will apply.

16. Rolling the wicket. The responsibility of supervising the rolling of the wicket before play will in the first place rest with the umpire. The ground may be rolled for seven minutes before a match begins and during the interval (at the request of the opposing Captain) but the roller must be off the ground so as to allow play to commence at the stipulated time.

16a. A visiting captain may object to the condition or fitness of the wicket, other than damage caused by inclement weather, before commencement of the game. The umpires shall decide whether or not the objection shall be allowed and their decision shall be final. If no other wicket is available and the objection is upheld by the umpires, then the match should not take place. If no umpires are available the game should go ahead with the visiting team lodging a complaint in writing to the league who will then investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

17. Points. Six points will be obtained by the side scoring the most runs and bowling the other side out. Five points will be obtained by the side scoring the most runs but fails to bowl the other side out AND providing the chasing team achieves 75% of the target. Three points for a tie. Two points for a no result or rain affected match. One point is awarded to the losing side, batting second, if they do not lose all their wickets AND achieve 75% of the target. The side batting first gain no points if they lose the match, irrespective of how many wickets they lose.

18. Cup and Shield MatchesPlayer’s playing in a quarter final of the cup/shield should have played in one completed league game for his club. Players may represent only one club in the cup/shield and will deemed cup/shield tied if he then transfers to another club. Players shall have played in 2 completed league fixtures in order to appear for that club in any semi-finals or final.

18a. All games will be played on the ground of the club drawn first in each pairing with the exception of the both cup/shield finals which will be played on a neutral ground in a coloured kit with circle & field restrictions format.

18b. If the total scores are level after both teams have completed their innings then the winner shall be decided on the team losing fewer wickets. If the teams remain tied the match will be determined by a bowl out. Five bowlers from each side shall deliver one ball each at an unguarded wicket (three stumps and bails). The team hitting the stumps most often shall be the winner. If after this procedure the game remains unresolved further players will deliver a ball, alternately, in the same manner until a winner is decided on the basis of sudden death.

18c. If a result cannot be determined owing to weather conditions, the match shall be continued on the next available evening or day. Where both teams are unable to agree a date the match shall be decided by the executive committee and played over two evenings before the following round. Where a minimum of 25 overs have been bowled, before play is abandoned, both teams must agree to continue the fixture within 5 days of the original fixture. If teams are unable to agree the executive committee will make the necessary arrangements. Failure to complete a rearranged fixture may result in both teams being eliminated from the cup/shield competition.

18d. Umpires fees will be the same as league matches with both competing teams sharing the cost, except the final, where umpires will be paid by the league.

18e. The cup/shield shall be held by the winning team and returned to the league secretary by 30th June.

18f. Should any dispute occur (even if it’s not covered in QEA rules) regarding the fulfilment of a cup/shield fixture the outcome will be decided by the executive committee.

18g. On the day of the league cup final any club or its members taking part in any competition that is not affiliated to YCB/ECB shall be banned from taking part in any future cup/shield competitions. The length of the ban will be at the discretion of the executive committee.

18h. In all cup/shield matches a ball delivered down the leg side will be deemed as a wide and normal MCC rules will apply.


18j. Cup & Shield Competition Structure – Based upon the previous season’s league standings/position – the Cup shall consist of top 16 Teams from the Upper Tier, which is all Premier Section and majority of Section A teams. The Shield event shall consist of remainder Lower Tier Teams, which is minority of Section A & all Section B teams.

19. RefreshmentsEvery home team must have acceptable refreshments available at the interval i.e. hot/cold drinks, sandwiches etc. Clubs not providing acceptable refreshments will be fined £10.00. The break between innings shall not last more than twenty minutes.

20. Umpires. Umpires’ fixtures will be posted on the league website monthly. Both teams will be responsible for the payment of £35.00 umpire’s fee. The overall responsibility for the payment lies with the home team. For a match not played due to weather conditions the umpire’s fee will be £10.00 per umpire (or £5.00 per team if only one umpire is present). When it is necessary for an umpire to officiate at both ends, he shall be paid an extra fee of £15.00 (£50 in total). If any appointed umpire has to travel outside his normal postcode he will be reimbursed by a further payment of £5.00 (unless the transport has been arranged by the Home team).

20a. Home teams may be deducted 1 point if they fail to contact the umpire to confirm venue before the day of the game.

20b. All games will be under the control of the umpires appointed by the league. In cases where no umpire is appointed the two captains must agree on substitute umpire(s). Preference shall be given in all cases to umpires currently registered with the league or overseas cricketer whether in the UK or elsewhere. Where this is not possible any other individual may be selected provided both captains agree.

20c. Complaints regarding the conduct of an umpire must be made in writing within 7 clear days of the completion of the match and must be accompanied by a fee of £10.00 which shall be forfeited if the complaint is unfounded or the executive committee consider the complaint vexatious, frivolous or otherwise unreasonable. Decisions of the umpire in connection with dismissal of any batsman will not be considered.

20d. All new clubs must nominate at least 2 umpires, who will be required to officiate in at least 12 games in the current season. Failure to do so shall result in a fine of £10.00 per game, per umpire.

20e. When an umpire has abandoned the match, other than in terms of weather, and pulled the wickets from the pitch this decision shall not be overturned by any other person (including captains, players, league official). Thereafter the matter shall be referred to the executive committee.

21. InsuranceAll clubs are requested to ensure that their matches are covered by an insurance policy. The Quaid e Azam league is not responsible for any clubs or their members.

21a. All home clubs must have access to adequate first aid facilities at every match.

22. Results/Score SheetsBoth teams to inform the League Secretary of match results on the same day no later than 8.30pm by Text. Any club failing to do so will be fined £3.00

22a. All scoresheets should be fully completed giving full names of players. Any club failing to complete the scoresheet will be fined £5.00. Both teams are responsible for emailing the electronic format (excel) league official scoresheet to the league secretary. E-version scoresheets must reach the league secretary no later than the 3 days after the match (by Wednesday).

23. AveragesAt the end of each season all club secretaries shall submit to the league secretary, before October general meeting, full details of the following:-

i)  Batting average – Min 300 runs

ii) Bowling average – Min 20 wickets

iii)Wicket keeper’s dismissals

iv)Highest individual batting score innings

v) Best bowling performance in one innings

vi)Best all-rounder

vii)Best partnership

viii)Highest run maker & wicket taker

ix) Nominate Top 5 Umpires of the season

In all cases a player is required to have played in a minimum of 9 completed league matches. Only league match performances are to be considered to qualify for any of the above categories. There are separate prizes for all sections.

24. Discipline. Every person, member club and their spectators should try to promote the league by:-

i) Acting in a gentlemanly fashion on field

ii) Wearing appropriate cricket clothing (white socks and shoes)


24a. All members clubs of the league and all players and spectator in the league shall abide by the executive committee’s decisions and obey the league rules. Should any club, player or member of the league by act or omission involve the league in any avoidable expenses, the league reserves the right to seek indemnity from the club, player or member of the league, in part or whole.

24b. All complaints of misconduct concerning any registered club or players will be reported to the executive committee who are empowered to deal with substantiated offending at their discretion.

24c. The executive committee are empowered to deal with substantiated and persistent issues of offending in the following terms: increased player suspensions; increased deduction of points; unlimited imposition of fines.

24d. In terms of termination of a member club (if it’s not Dues related) a motion should be put forward to EGM or AGM and any decision approved by a majority of 75% member clubs in attendance.

24e. Seven days notification must be given to a member club and its player(s) when requesting attendance to a disciplinary meeting. The executive committee must ensure that all the evidence is available to its committee members and the member club before the commencement of any hearing. In the event of evidence being not available, the hearing will be adjourned and re-arranged as required.

25. Complaints. All protests and complaints from registered club or players must be in writing and served on the league secretary and relevant individuals (including the secretary of the club subject of the complaint and/or player/individual where possible) within 7 days of the incident and accompanied by a payment of £10. In terms of complaints concerning the registration of players the complaint must be within 14 days of the issue coming to light. This does not apply to umpires who are guided by the laws of cricket.

25a. Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the QEASCL rules and the laws of cricket unless otherwise stated above.

25b. In terms of substantiated complaints the executive committee are empowered to impose the following penalties in consequence of first time:-

i) To deduct up to six points from the offending club for each breach and/or

ii) To award up to six points to the non-offending club for each breach and /or

iii) To fine/suspend the offending club/player an amount/period to reflect the gravity of the offence

iv) Expulsion/deduct points from all league/cup/shield competitions where the matter relates to a breach of rule 9d.

v) The executive committee to work within the framework of the complaints procedure as per rule 25 and can only award or deduct points where a complaint has been received within the framework of 14 days.

26. AppealsIn the event of offending party being aggrieved by the decision of the executive committee, then the aggrieved party shall have the right of appeal against that decision. Appeals against decisions made by the executive committee shall be made to the full League Council of Appeals Committee. Any such appeal must be in writing (stating the grounds of appeal) and made within seven clear days of receipt of the decision of the executive committee. All such appeals must be accompanied by a fee of £50.00 which shall be forfeited or returned in full or part at the discretion of that committee.

26a. In terms of such appeals the League Council of Appeals Committee shall be empowered to deal with matters in the manner of the executive committee.

27. Misuse of the Social Media. Registered clubs and players are expected and required to ensure that they are fully aware of the misuse of social and other media as outlined below and in addition be aware of the possible consequences in terms of misconduct being substantiated.

27a. Any public or circulated comment  brought to the attention of the executive committee in any form of social media (e.g. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc.) or in the general media (e.g. Press, Radio, Television, general websites, club programs etc.) that is substantiated as detrimental to either the league, league officials, clubs, players or the game in general by anyone connected to the league, either directly or indirectly, will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter and shall result in proceedings against those whom allegations have been made.

27b. It shall be viewed as an offence to re-communicate in any way any detrimental comments or to ask others to do this. Misconduct of this nature shall be treated as a disciplinary matter.