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Important Reminders for Member Clubs

1. Unfortunately, due to the adverse weather conditions effecting grounds across Yorkshire, The Executive Committee unanimously decided to delay last week’s (Week 1) Fixtures back to the end of the season (22/9)
2. All Clubs will continue to follow the previous year’s registration and scoring system.
3. All Member Clubs will be held responsible to familiarise themselves with the New rules and constitutional amendments in particular the losing draw point system.
4. The cut off point for new player registration remains same @Thursdays 5pm. Reminder to Club Secretaries that The results text to be sent as soon as match finishes but BEFORE 8:30pm at the latest & The completed e-scoresheet no later than Wednesday. April/Sept games start at 1:00pm
5. As always the four weekly umpire appointment schedule will be available on the League’s website on the member page. Home Teams must inform & confirm by Thursday at the latest , with the appointed Umpire their availability as well as any changes which may occur prior to the Fixture. Also, due to uncertainty, in regards to ground availability.
6. Home Team must continue to follow the League constitution by informing the away team matters related to ground changes.
7. Clubs were made aware of the increase related to umpiring traveling expense as well as to collect Balls and other admin stationery from the league Secretary. In addition those clubs collecting their cricketing balls must make complete their payments for the League Balls.
8. The league would like to extend their gratitude and thanks to the new League & shield sponsor Riaz Khan & Co Solicitors. Furthermore a massive thanks to Advance Carz for sponsoring the 2018 Quaid e Azam League Umpire Jackets.
9. Finally, best wishes to all the teams for the season.

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